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Nail Art

The human race has exhausted every necessary effort to create beauty. Draw and sketch rivers and streams, sing songs, write poetry, and even decorating their own body. That’s why the earth has witnessed hundreds or even thousands of different hairdos, clothes, shoes, jewelries, and makeups. Every single thing that can be decorated and beautified is adorned with whatever material it is that can showcase art and beauty, and painting the nails is a huge part of it.

Nail art is technically the art of creating design on the nails, both on the fingers and toes. As of today, having good-looking nails is considered an important factor in terms of fashion. It may have gained tremendous popularity especially among the female population in the past decades, but giving attention and decorating the nails have already started centuries back.

Our Japanese ancestors are reported to have first developed nail art according to a research. The ancient decoration of the nails may not have been as diverse and widespread as the modern days but they sure had pretty interesting ideas on making the nails look really nice. One of the most common kinds of decorating the nails is adding colors. Red and black were the famous picks among the Chinese royalties way back. Colors are not chosen randomly or merely on the basis of taste. It serves a purpose as significant as defining the social status of an individual. This kind of system was not only present among the Chinese but also among the Egyptians as well. It was reported that Queen Cleopatra loved red, and females of lower rank were only allowed to wear pale ones. No one would dare outshine the queen, I suppose. Even men were also fans of nail art in Ancient Egypt.

Nail art can be as simple as cutting and shaping the nails and could be as much as painting and coloring them, putting beads and even placing artificial nails over the real ones. The once simple one-colored designs also turned to exquisite creations like different figures and images.

Today, nail art is not only created by bare human hands of the nail artists but also through the use of machines. Modern technology has grown so much that designing the nails can be done electronically. Printing the desired design on the nails is called digital nail art.

The process of digital nail art goes like this. First, white painted will be placed over the fingernails. Then, some kind of coating will be placed over the paint to make sure that the design will dry out easily. Next, the hand will be inserted into the printer and it will put the chosen design on the nails. This requires stillness which may be sort of tough but the magnets will help your hand remain still. After such, excess paint will be removed. Lastly, another coating will be placed over the design. And, voila! You have nails you can flaunt all around town.

Fashion is not only confined to what you wear, it extends as much as to what your nails look like.


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