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Nicholas Sparks Novels

Nicholas Sparks Novels

Not only is Nicholas Sparks simply a charming American author and screenwriter, he also came up with best selling hits where eight of them have been adapted into films, and even those film adaptations gained worldwide fame and success. He was best known for really sweet and romantic novels that never failed to make tears rush down his readers’ cheeks. No wonder the majority of the female population admire and adore the writings of Nicholas Sparks.

  • The Notebook

The story begins with an old man reading to an old woman in a nursing home. He tells of the love story shared between young and rich Allie and poor boy Noah which was frowned upon by Allie’s affluent family. They had this short summer affair that ended when Allie had to go back to the city, and thus the two were separated for years. Their love was rekindled and proved to be so strong and so true that nothing could ever break the two of them apart until the very last.

  • Message in a Bottle

This tells of a somehow fantastical romance found by Theresa Osborne who incidentally discovers a bottle containing a love letter. Challenged by the mystery and driven by her romantic illusions, she went in search for the man who might actually change her life. Message in a Bottle takes hold of all our hopes of finding a true love that would last forever.

  • A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is a coming-of-age romantic drama of the bad boy Landon who falls for smart and nerdy Jamie. The love that presented itself in the most unexpected situations and concerning two people that appeared to be worlds apart was tested by twists of fate, and as they struggle to keep each other in both of their lives, the more they realize that their love was deep and true.

  • Nights in Rodanthe

It tells of a love found by two souls who had their own troubles and ghosts that they struggled with. In a fateful weekend an inn, they ignite a romantic relationship that will greatly alter their lives forever.

  • Dear John

Dear John is about the unplanned romance between a soldier who was on leave and a college student who was on vacation. As Savannah needed to get back to where she lives and John having to return to his duty, they tried to keep their love by writing to each other while away. But can the two of them fight until the end for a love that had many troubles and obstacles separating the two of them apart?

  • The Lucky One

Logan who was a marine fighting in Iraq almost got killed if it was not for a miracle that saved his life. He went on searching for the girl who owned the photo that saved him, and this journey brings him closer to the miracle that saved his life but more importantly to a once in a lifetime love. One of the most romantic Nicholas Sparks Novels that will definitely touch your heart.


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