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Nonexistent Men That Would Make Good Boyfriends

Nonexistent Men That Would Make Good Boyfriends

Almost every girl, if not really each and every one which I highly doubt, has a man of her dreams. We are all looking forward to fairytale-like love story where a tall, dark and handsome young lad comes into our mixed-up and weary lives, save us from our old ways, and carry us away into our most desired happy ever after. Let us meet some of the debonair lads that surely swept us off our feet. Yes, they are not real like our own made-up knights in shining armor, but at least they have names.

The first in the list is the charming blond-haired poor boy from what was once the highest grossing film of all time and is currently holding the record for having the most Academy Awards wins, no other than James Cameron’s Titanic. Jack Dawson is so much more than a pretty boy. Of course he is a pretty boy; he is played by Leonardo DiCaprio! He is also someone whose love extends beyond the will to survive as he willingly put his life in peril just to save the woman he loves. Plus, he is Leo. I personally believe that if it is Leo, he automatically makes it to the list so I intend to put all his movie characters in this (including the disdainful Calvin Candie from Django Unchained) but there are lots of other dashing men to root for so I am moving on to the next guy.

Probably one of the best fictional boyfriends ever, who could resist the charm of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice? He may have been some kind of a jerk in the beginning, letting a girl feel that she is way undeserving for his love, but will actually write you love letters that are oh-so romantic and will try to win your heart. A guy who is super hot but seemingly has an attitude but later turns out to be a sweet and loving man, what would top that?

If you are looking for someone who loves so deep and so true, who goes against all odds for you, and then Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games Trilogy proves to be a boyfriend every girl deserves. Imagine having someone who has liked you the moment he first saw you, which is like when you were in elementary, would not dare to bother you in any sort of way, would be there when you needed someone the most (actually enduring a beating just to feed your family dying of hunger), and would help you win a game where your victory means his certain death. Peeta is just the most selfless guy ever. Team Peeta!

I would love to have an Augustus Waters from John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in my life. If a guy tells you your
beautiful when you look so sick and weak from cancer and actually means it, if he constantly makes an effort to stay in your life and makes it better and brighter, if he spends that only Genie (a fictional cancer foundation in the book) wish he has saved for so long just to make you happy, and exhausts his last moments on earth still thinking of nothing and no one but you and your happiness, you must be one lucky girl. Oh, if there would only be a Gus for every girl in the world.

Every girl deserves a guy who would love her truly because after all, every girl deserves a Jack, Mr. Darcy, Peeta and Augustus.


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