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On-the-Go Power Picks

On-the-Go Power Picks

When you are out there raiding thrift stores, buying groceries, or maybe trudging thousands of miles on what seemingly appears as an endless highway, everything seems to go perfectly well until it hits you. Yes, your eyes that were once filled with brightness and positivity would suddenly go dull and weary. Your once calm thoughts would be filled with confusion and worry. Your tummy would soon begin to hurt. Oh no, you are hungry. And you have no food with you. Why? Why has this happened to you? What have you done wrong to deserve this? So the next time you challenge the outdoors, be sure to bring with you a snack that would silence your growling tummy until you reach home and once again gain access to a real meal. Or you could find out what choices to make when you have limited access to real and nutritious food. But keep in mind to not bring or purchase just any snack though. Choose a snack that is healthy and nutritious.

Our first suggestion for you and your tummy in pain and misery when all you could reach is a fast food is a fruit and yogurt parfait. The fruit’s fiber content would be filling you and your tummy up while the yogurt’s protein would be sustaining your miserable hunger. It is a good choice especially when you are on a daylong road trip and you have nothing else to eat. If you are thinking to get the fries instead, you are wrong. They are not nutritious in any way possible. Plus, your fruit and yogurt parfait is just one hundred and thirty calories.

If you have access to a mini grocery store or a convenience store, go for a bag of crackers and string cheese. Aside from the fact that they are easy to locate, they are also a powerhouse combo for managing your hungry stomach and giving your nutrients your body needs. The bag of crackers would deal with your fiber and carbohydrate needs while the string cheese would be supplying you with protein.

Another wheat and cheese pair up would be bagel and cream cheese. The fiber from the bagel would keep you full and the little fat in your cream cheese would keep your tummy satisfied even longer.

If you are lucky to find a store that also sells fresh fruits, good for you. Buy a yogurt smoothie and pair it up with a fresh and nutritious banana. The fresh fruit and dairy combo is sure to keep you full and nutrient-filled. Just be careful in picking your smoothie. Avoid those with high sugar contents.

Another fresh fruit and dairy combo you must not miss is the flawless pairing of apple and skim milk. It may sound elementary school-ish but no wonder your parents put these two into your lunch kit. Apples are abundant in fiber and milk is rich in important nutrients like calcium, riboflavin, and vitamin D.

Of course, chocolate-covered pretzel sticks are among the list as well. Chocolate-covered pretzels may not be a really nutritious choice but it keeps you full and it even fixes your mood when you are really stressed out.

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