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Online Dating

Online Dating

In the advent of modern technology where the world appears to become smaller and smaller with every invention that makes connecting people faster, more efficient, and more convenient, one of the many things that are becoming customary is online dating. But before venturing in to this whole new level of finding the love of your life, be sure to know the dos and don’ts to help you make this new dating style a total success.

Now that Cupid’s arrow took form in the “faster-than-the speed-of-light” wireless signals, making dating mistakes have been so easy and fast as well. And since this society is so hyped about old sport Zucky’s hit social network, Facebook, you may think of friending your date. But, hold it, woman. Not just yet. Do not add potential suitors nor accept their friend request until after you have established exclusivity. Treat being friends on some social network the way you would treat a real-time relationship.

Aside from being smart about your Facebook treating it like how you would do to a real-life relationship, it is a really intelligent move to clean up your profile before adding up your new man. Get rid of everything that would make him feel bad, or anything that appears to be offensive, suggestive, and overall unbecoming. Choose a display picture where you really look good (as in really), untag or delete photos where you look “meh”, and avoid ranting online because that is just so irritating. Trust me.

And of course, you could not call it really a relationship if you keep it in the cyber world. Find time to meet him in the real world. Online relationships may appear to be really manageable, safe, and easy to handle. But great conversations do not readily equate to good chemistry. Just be sure that the person you are meeting with is not some sort of criminal or psychotic killer, okay?

Also, slow down in updating your relationship status, sister! Do not be quick in putting that “in a relationship” status without thinking about it and actually confirming it. See to it that you and your man are on the same page. It is better to set your relationship status to private to avoid all the fuss.

And once you have found your lover, delete your online dating profile right away. Now that you have found the one you are looking for, why keep the profile? It is really disrespectful to your partner. Really. And it is confusing and disappointing for people who would want to get in touch with you who would then find out that you are already in a relationship.

It is also highly recommended to know when to unfriend someone. Do not hastily delete him from your friends after the breakup. Just hide his and his family and friends’ feeds to avoid seeing those ex-related updates. You may want to get in touch with him some time in the future and adding him up again could be really awkward. Just unfriend a guy if the breakup was so bad to the point that your ex cheated or stole from you or murdered your dog.

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