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Oscars Best Original Song 2013

Oscars Best Original Song 2013

Though not regarded as one of the major awards in The Oscars, many Best Original Song winners and even nominees have been really close to the hearts of the people. Some of which are Aladdin’s A Whole New World, Dirty Dancing’s Time of My Life, and Slumdog Millionaire’s Jai Ho. This year, we have five new potential songs that could even be written on the pages of history just like their predecessors.

  • Before My Time from Chasing Ice

This is the deeply moving and heartfelt soundtrack of Chasing Ice- a documentary about global warming. James Balog was not a firm believer of climate change until he saw the undeniable evidences with his own eyes. He then set on a journey to capture videos that could open the eyes of the people about this problem that concerns the entirety of the world. Before My Time was performed by Joshua Bell and Scarlett Johansson, and was written and produced by J. Ralph.

  • Everybody Needs a Best Friend from Ted

Everybody Needs a Best Friend is an upbeat soundtrack telling how good it is to have a best friend to be with, to lean on to, to share memories with. It was performed by Norah Jones and was written by Walter Murphy and the film’s writer, director, producer, voice for the title character, and Oscars 2013 sole host Seth MacFarlane.

  • Pi’s Lullaby from Life of Pi

This haunting melody whose lyrics was written in Tamil was the introduction to Ang Lee’s Life of Pi and was also able to gain an Oscar nod for The Academy Awards 2013 Best Original Song. It was a creation of Mychael Danna and was performed by Bombay Jayashri. Ang Lee gave Jayashri the details regarding the emotions Pi’s Lullaby must stir. Jayashri wrote in her blog what Ang Lee told her: A child sleeps not because he is sleepy, but because he feels safe.

  • Skyfall from the James Bond film of the same title

Perhaps the most famous among the nominees, this was the soundtrack that changed the fate of James Bond films. This was the first ever creation connected to a James Bond film that gained a nomination from the Academy. Aside from the popularity of James Bond films, what made Skyfall well-loved not only by the people but by the critics was Adele’s singing prowess. It was written by Adele herself and producer Paul Epworth. It was also confirmed by The Academy that Adele would be performing on the 24th (U.S. Time). It’s mainly about how the world of two people could crumble and fall apart, but then what really matters is that they remain together even if the sky falls.

  • Suddenly from Les Miserables

This was performed by Hugh Jackman in the latest film adaptation of the classical Broadway musical from which the song originally came from, and Victor Hugo’s novel on the French Revolution. It was sung by Jean Valjean (Jackman) for Cosette. This tells of how Cosette was such a beautiful gift from the heavens despite the darkness he goes through.


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