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Our health: Women’s Health

Our health: Women’s Health

Unfortunately, it may seem that technological advancement is directly proportional to discoveries of new diseases. As we are able to experience luxury in life brought about by these advancements, sickness or different illnesses seem to exist as well. Different illnesses are discovered as compared to sickness that people under ancient civilization had experienced. Despite discoveries of cure for certain diseases, certain illnesses are eventually discovered. As such, health is always an issue, particularly Women’s Health.

There are different diseases that though may occur in both men and women are actually more prone to women and some are actually unique for women alone. Menopause, ovarian and cervical cancer and pregnancy are just some disorders that women uniquely experience unlike men. Breast cancer and osteoporosis are some example of diseases that though occur in men is found to majorly occur in women. Heart diseases are very prone to both men and women. However, the risk factors and preventive strategies done are different for both sexes. The symptoms of heart disease in women are often neglected in which treatment is already done when the condition is already severe. Women have greater concern on over-aging aside from the fact that they tend to live longer than men, care giving, emotional health issues and skin care. Women are found to have longer life span than that of men, though they tend to live longer, women at this age usually suffer different weakness which could have been prevented if detected sooner.

These diseases are either brought about or are made worse by increasing age, physical inactivity, poor diet, poor vices such as smoking and chronic drinking, heredity or family history, high blood pressure, obesity, hormonal imbalances, race and stress. As much as possible, prevention will always be the best thing to do to avoid these diseases, if cannot be avoided, early detection of the disease can be of great help for a higher chance of recovery from the diseases. The diseases mentioned earlier have caused death majorly among women. It could have been avoided if only women are able to prioritize their health by checking up with their women’s health care provider. So make women’s health, YOUR HEALTH a priority.

Here we have is the right website for you. Just take a glimpse of our website: www.womanglobe.com and you’ll find so many interesting topics about women here and all over the world. The main subject is about YOU: Women. Our group is continuing to work on assessing women’s health and figuring out ways to aid you towards a life of food health, fitness and wellness. In addition to that the site also includes al topics that are of concerns to women even those which are not often talked about or those things in which women themselves are afraid to ask.  We have it all for you and we continue to write more articles about women and share it to all women as a means of empowering them to face the world with independence that they truly deserve.

Summary: Women’s health is becoming a major concern of the society such that women should take care of their health. Awareness and action towards prevention and early detection is the key.




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