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People a Woman Needs

People a Woman Needs

No man is an island. And most certainly no woman is. To be truly happy, a woman could not do entirely on her own. She needs people to be there for her especially during her tough times. This does not necessarily involve a groom, a husband, or a lifelong boyfriend though having one would surely be nice. So if you are a woman, we have a list of people you should start to keep close.

What would a woman do without her gay best friend? This man who is actually a woman at heart would be your friend who would always be beside to keep reminding you how fabulous you are, to support you in everything you do, and to help you pick your OOTD (Outfit of the Day). He adds colors to your world. If your world was simply composed of the plain blue sky and the green leaves, a gay best friend would surely add in prancing little pink ponies and unicorns. Also, he gives you a view of the male perspective since he is technically a male himself. And he would never be a competition unlike your girl friends. And you two would never end up as friends-turned-lovers which could be awkward at times. Having a gay best friend is totally great, and that’s why we love gays more than gays love gays.

In terms of bigger life situations like career and major options that would drastically change your life, a woman surely needs a mentor. Your mentor is someone filled with wisdom and life experiences, and would gladly guide you as you make your own experiences. This person sees the potential in you and sees the strengths you never know were there. This person would encourage you to go the extra mile and assure you that you are capable of accomplishing things. A mentor is an important character in every person’s life, both for males and females. Your mentor could be your professor when you were still in school or in the university, a family friend, or even your boss.

You should agree with me when I say that every woman needs a man who would make her feel like a girl. And that man most certainly is your crush. It is not wrong to have one even if you are in a serious, committed and long-term relationship. We all need someone to squeal at. It could be a co-worker (this is not advisable if you really are in a relationship), a handsome singer like Michael Buble, or a dashing movie star like Brad Pitt. Your crush lets you play with your imagination. He will be the center of your fantasies. And the best thing about this is that you would not actually get hurt because the crush feelings are not real feelings. He’s someone you and your friends talk about during girls’ night outs and simply hearing his name would liven up your bland day.

While I’ve mentioned that you do not need a romantic partner to be happy in life, it does not hurt if I include the love of your life in the short list. He would be someone who would hold your hand be it a good day or a bad one. He would make you laugh even at the most simple things. He’s your everything: your best friend, your listener, your shoulder to cry on, you lover. That’s something, isn’t it?

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