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Perfumes 101

Perfumes 101

Attracting people does not begin and end with looking good; we must also make sure that our smell is just as good. In moments of social interaction most especially those that demand close proximity, it would be very embarrassing to offend our companion’s nose with our strong stink. Of course, proper hygiene is a must with or without social interaction. But then, we would always need something to back it up or better yet, enhance the fragrance. We are lucky that our ancestors 4000 years back already found the solution- the art of perfumery.

Before trying to find what scent would suit us best, I think it is better to let ourselves know the different kinds of perfumes. What sets them apart is actually the strength of their scent and how long they last. The longest lasting and also the most expensive kind is the parfum. It is followed the eau de parfum. The next one is the eau de toilette and the last one being the eau de cologne. Not because eau de cologne was the weakest and cheapest kind does not mean that it is not that significant. Many people prefer colognes because their impact is not that strong so it would not offend other people since we know for a fact that our tastes vary, and it is suitable for everyday use.

Of course, we should find out what kind of fragrance suits our personality, the occasion and our sense of smell. The most widely used among the female population is the fruity or floral scent. They are naturally feminine and emit very sweet fragrance. If you prefer light and easy-to-wear fragrances, try perfumes with zesty smell. This kind includes aquatic and ozonic fragrances. Because it is light and fresh, it is less feminine and is okay for both sexes. If you prefer more sensual aroma with heady and rich scent, then spicy or oriental fragrance is for you. It gives a warming feel. The actually masculine scent that can be softened by flowery fragrance and spices is woody or musk scent. It is a really strong one which you would either love or hate.

When applying perfume, be reminded that it is only applied on the skin and not on the clothes. It also highly suggested to apply perfume on the pulse points where the veins are nearest the skin. Blood flow releases heat which helps make the fragrance exude from the skin. Some pulse points are located at the wrist, behind the earlobes and at the base of the throat.

Application of the perfume is actually really easy. Some tend to spray it into the air and walk through the rain of scent. Yes, it works but it wastes some perfume. You could actually just spray it or wipe it on the skin. However, be reminded that it is a must to avoid rubbing the wrists together applying perfume because it crushes the scent. Perfume can also be applied on the hair. But keep in mind that it must only be applied to newly washed hair.

Beauty is not only seen, it is also smelled.

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