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Pitch Perfect Fever

Pitch Perfect Fever

Screen writer Kay Cannon and director Jason Moore really did worked well on that film that I just can’t seem to get over with it. Pitch Prefect is PERFECT. It’s like a counter part of the Step-UP. If Step-Up is about dancing stuff, Pitch Perfect is about acapella, music and songs. And don’t get me wrong, this is a musical comedy film that brought a whole new idea for acapella singing; more fun, creative and enjoyable.

If ever you haven’t heard of it, the story rounds up in the struggle of the all-female acapella group of the Barden University named the Barden Bellas to be back on top after the big slap the group got in losing the International Championship of Collegiate Acapella. Losing the competition ended up leaving only two members, Aubrey and Chloe. Their greatest rival was the male acapella group, the Treble Makers. The dilemma was that they don’t have any members left and after the shame the group got on the last year’s finals, no one wants to join the group.

The two members was left with no choice but to accept even those who basically doesn’t satisfy the Bella’s standard, physically and voice-wise. To their surprise, the group ended up to be the best Barden Bellas ever. The group has lived to their performance for years with the same choreography, same songs as a legacy they uphold not realizing that time changes making their song and performance is becoming boring. As the new groups of bellas were formed, the group has the biggest challenge to face: Change.

The movie was never a bore. It’s amazing how they sang new songs with its music simply by their voices. The mash-up of songs such as Just the way you are by Bruno Mars and Just a dream by Nelly was amazing. Other songs such as Please Don’t Stop the Music, Let it Slip, Since You’ve Been Gone, Blame it on the Boggie, The Final Count Down and others. If you haven’t heard of the Riff-Off better watch the movie and see what’s it all about.

Anna Kendrick played the role of Becca Mitchel, lead character of the story. She was pushed by her father to enter college and made a deal to at least stay there for one year and join a group and after that she’ll be free to do whatever she wants. She brought the biggest and best change Barden Bella’s could ever have. Skylar Astin is the leadman as Jess Swanson, one of the Treble Makers’ lead singers. Other characters were played by Rebel Wilson, as “fat Amy”, Anna Camp as Aubrey, and Brittany Snow as Chloe. We also have Adam De Vine, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, and Benn Platt.

The film earned a total of $101,886,000 and was nominated for Best Music in a Musical Feature Film and still pending for a chance to be favorite Comedy Movie as People Choice Award. Rebel Wilson stand out in the film and was nominated to various award such as best actress in a comedy film, breakthrough performance and best supporting actress.

The film introduced a new genre for acapella singing. If you’re still in doubt how good this film is, better see it yourself and feel the Pitch Perfect Fever that I got to feel right now.



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