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Plastic Surgery – Women Health Care

Plastic Surgery – Women Health Care

People, most especially women, will do anything and everything for the sake of beauty. The longing to be accepted by peers, the desire to fit in, the craving to standout- for these things they willingly exhaust all efforts and resources to look their best. But is it still alright if it goes so far as undergoing surgery?

Plastic surgery literally means “the art of modelling of malleable flesh” as the term plastic was derived from the Greek word plastike which means sculpting. It is a medical field that deals with the reconstruction or restoration of bodily form and function. Though there are various kinds like the reconstructive surgery, this article will focus on the most common form known as cosmetic or aesthetic surgery.

Basically, cosmetic surgery is concerned with the enhancement or improvement of the physical appearance of the patient through surgical undertakings. It is utilized to maintain the physical appearance like preserving the youth of women who are getting older, and also to bring back what was once present, or to boost the physical appearance’s aesthetic quality.

With the society putting too much pressure on its members to be beautiful and perfect and the media amplifying such crooked ideals, more and more people have come to seek the aid of plastic surgery. In the year 2006, the United States had a total of 11 million cosmetic procedures done according to a research. The noticeably huge number of people turning to surgery for the enhancement of their physical appearance proves the massive influence of media on the majority. Despite the prevalent role of media in the modern people’s everyday lives, researchers say that getting too hooked to plastic surgery could be caused by Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). It is a mental illness wherein a person
thinks that there is something quite not right about a part or parts of their body. This causes them extreme distress, depression and anxiety. In extreme cases, it can even lead to suicide.

Typically, people avail this when they are not comfortable with a part of their body or if they do not like the way they look. The most common procedures teens undergo are surgeries on the nose and breasts. But for something as superficial as wanting to look attractive, is plastic surgery really worth the try?

Before engaging yourself in a major decision of whether to go through plastic surgery or not, try to think of a couple of things to consider. First, if it is mainly due to not being comfortable because you do not look as attractive as others, try to think about it. You may not be used to your body now but you will surely get used to it soon. Is it something you really do for yourself or just to please others? Next, aren’t there other options or choices instead of having a surgery? It would be better to exhaust every possible selection before having a surgery. Lastly, there may be something wrong not with your appearance but with your perspective. Try to develop more confidence and love yourself better. After all, everyone has her own share of beauty.

At the end of the day, what really matters is not how you look but how you see.

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