Being a brilliant American singer-songwriter with powerhouse vocals, actress, musician, and dancer, Pink must be one of the world’s most underrated artists. I mean, yes, she has been famous and recognized for her enormous talent, but she is not honoured enough or as much as she truly deserves to. Let us dedicate today to celebrate the musical genius of Alecia Beth Moore as famously known as Pink.

  • Raise Your Glass

“So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways.”

This is a catchy and lively music that celebrates a person’s individuality and who they really are and ought to be. It reminds to rejoice for the life we are living and the person that we are, and care about no one and what they think. After all, what truly matters is learning to love ourselves and the life we are given.

  • Fuckin’ Perfect

“If you ever, ever feel like you’re nothing, you’re fuckin’ perfect to me.”

It lets us face the reality that in life, we will always be encountering people who bring us down- their heavy and hurtful words, their cruel stares, their disheartening moves. We are all vulnerable to the many forms of cruelty and injustice in this world, but we need not to break down or lose all hope because somewhere in this cruel, mixed-up world, we will be able to find the hope and strength to be bigger than our troubles and problems. Fuckin’ Perfect is just so inspiring that whenever I hear it in times when I feel low and alone, tears just find their way out.

  • There You Go

Oh, don’t you wish you could turn the hands of time? Don’t you wish you still were mine?”

This is Pink’s first single ever and it talks about a former love from whom you have already moved on that asks you to be back in his life. It is about how the tables have turned after this guy ruined everything. He realizes that he should not have let her slip out of his hands, but then it is already too late.

  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

“I think I’ve finally had enough. I think I maybe think too much. I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss).”

It tells of a relationship that is not working well anymore and is on its way to reach its conclusion. And as a form of closure or formal end to what they have shared, she asks him to blow her a kiss for the last time, and then it is all over between them.

  • Get the Party Started

“It’s comin’ up so you better get the party started.”

It is plainly a party song and actually being the life or center of the whole celebration. But there have been interpretations saying that this could be about coming out of the closet or drug use.

  • So What

“So, so what? I’m still a rock star. I got my rock moves. And I don’t need you.”

This may be about being strong after a break up and telling yourself that you don’t need the man who left you, but it can actually be still having feelings for that guy somehow and persuading yourself that you have to let go of people who are not worth keeping.


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