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Power Nap like a Boss

Power Nap like a Boss

Your friends and siblings are super annoying. Yes, even your parents are super annoying. And yes, even your pet is included in the list. Oh my, even that weird-looking nerd on the bus is super annoying. You discussed limits in your Calculus yesterday? What limits? Were you even in class yesterday? Yes, you remember your professor talking in front but you cannot remember what he was talking about. Oh no, where did you put your locker key? What is the matter with you? Maybe you are going crazy. The good news is you are probably not going crazy. Maybe you are just oh-so tired.

Being tired is not as simple as it looks. It makes you a real life Squidward. And it ruins your memory. It makes you forget many things. What should you do? You are going to grab a pack of chips and drink an energy drink? Going to Starbucks to get some coffee? Eating a bar of chocolate? Hold on! Do not do those things. You do not need an instant energy booster that would cause a dramatic crash later on. All you need is a power nap.

Because of this busy and ever so demanding society, we are, more often than not, deprived of long and good quality slumbers. That is one of the main reasons why we always feel tired. To make up for the lost sleeping hours, a power nap is what you need. Yes, naps are not just for babies. A power nap could refresh and reenergize you for the challenges you have yet to face. A power nap would make you the best you and help you make the right decisions and do your responsibilities and make you an overall agreeable fellow.

Taking a power nap does not have to be as complicated as finding the limit of an equation. Here are a series of really simple and easy steps to power nap like a boss.

First, you have got to find your perfect snoozing spot. It does not have to be a king-size bed with like four massive pillows. Even a table where you could lay your head on is enough. Go to the cafeteria and lay your head on the table. Or you could snooze off in the library (but do not get caught). You may find a cozy chair or couch at home or in the office. You could even make a passenger seat on the bus your snoozing spot.

After finding you spot, be sure to keep the power nap short. About twenty to thirty minutes would do. If you could not wake up on time, set up an alarm. A nap that is longer than it is supposed to is dangerous. It could make you feel groggy and it would interfere with your sleep later in the evening.

As a matter of fact, the best power nap time is during the afternoon. It refreshes your lost energy during the morning and gets you ready for the rest of the day. However, wake up before four to five. Sleeping too late would also interfere with your evening sleep.

And if you have trouble getting to sleep, turn on a calming and soft music.

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