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Power of Senses

Power of Senses

You could boost your energy to get going all throughout the day through your senses. Yes, you do not need a hot steaming cup of coffee to be energized. And in case you have not enough sleep last night, that should not be so much of a problem for today. We have what you need to get going and keep moving.

First, we have the sense of hearing. To go through a tough day, all you need is an hour to listen to good music. Doing so could reduce fatigue as proven by studies. Also, it keeps you insides going because listening to music boosts cell production, growth and repair. The key is to keep your music upbeat and lively. Aside from music, another thing that would keep you going through the sense of hearing is to listen to those familiar voices that calm your spirit. Phone a friend or call your mom or boyfriend. Hearing the voices of people we love boost the brain’s production of oxytocin which is a hormone that fights of stress and elevates the mood.

The next sense that would help you to keep going is the sense of sight. Look at something yellow. Why? It is because yellow is the color that is most closely connected to a healthy mood. If yellow is not readily available, go for other positive tones like orange and lilac. Choose them for the paint of your walls and fill your vases and flower pots with flowers of those colors. You may also want to purchase a light box and sit near it for forty five minutes every day. It is a good way to increase the level of your alertness during your waking hours.

Another sense to help you would be the sense of smell. When people are exposed to minty or peppermint scents, the more positive and energetic they feel. Peppermint is a natural stimulant that does not only enliven you but also fights off stress. Rub a drop of these scents on your wrist when you feel like your energy is going low. Aside from mint and peppermint scents, you may also go for cinnamon and lemon ones.

If your sense of sight, sense of hearing, and sense of smell could be triggered to make you feel better and energize you, so does your sense of taste. A mix of cool and tangy flavors is would surely reenergize you by activating nerves in your mouth, nose, and nasal cavity. This triggers an increased levek of brain function. Another way to keep you going is to chew gum. The muscle tension that arises from chewing could heighten the levels of heart rate and alertness. Moreover, chewing gum could also stimulate the nervous system.

So the next time you feel so low and tired, and you are not so enthusiastic about a cup of coffee or trying to exercise for enhanced energy, stimulate any of the five senses and you are sure to get going. Or better yet, stimulate all five.

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