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Pregnancy Tips for Working Women

Pregnancy Tips for Working Women

It is not easy being pregnant and we know that. While you are pregnant you have many conditions that must be met and that may be against your modern lifestyle. Your work may be affected if you are pregnant, as well as when you are physically active. But you do not need to get stressed with thinking about what will you do to keep up with your lifestyle, you just need pregnancy tips to help you be active while you are pregnant.

Nowadays, pregnancy is a thing that one woman must be proud of. It is one of the grandest things that change the whole woman in you.  It is the transition from womanhood to motherhood. It is when you start caring about your offspring or your child. May it be boy or girl you will always want to give the best for your little ones. Today women want to give all what their child wants, they want to be prepare and want it to be near as perfect, so they work while they are pregnant. Assuring the health of the worker was really a normal way of every company to assure the performance of their employees. Many benefits are given to women that are pregnant including maternity leave and to husbands are their paternity leaves.  Woman otherwise needed a more degree of attention and women health care thus they must be aware of themselves how sensitive is their condition. You have to think more of your health such that your baby’s health is also at risk. We include several pregnancy tips for working women for them to know how they can start helping themselves while they are pregnant and working.

Taking risk that is unknown is really dangerous while you are pregnant. Pregnancy tips are really essential for working pregnant women to be able to keep up with their working lifestyle while bearing the life of their child the following are the pregnancy tips recommended for pregnant working women.

  1. First tip is to inform your employer. Informing your employer will be really great help, because if he / she know your condition she may give extra consideration.  And also for your boss’ benefit, you must give him /her the right time to be prepared to find a replacement for you. He needs to do that for your absence may be a great loss to the company’s productivity. You must inform the company if you are to leave or to quit so that they may be able to find the replacement for you. Always think of your family first and keep in mind that your condition is really sensitive, that you must take full responsibility to yourself and to the life you bear.
  2. Always keep in mind that you have your baby with you while you work. Do not stress yourself. Do lighter tasks, and do not pressure yourself so much with your jobs expectations. You must also know some ways of distressing yourself while you work. Keep in mind that while you are moving or working you may experience accidents, so be alert
  3. Enjoy your life while you are pregnant. While you are pregnant your own job must not be affected whit your pregnancy. You can do your job while you are pregnant. Plan the best work plan to add up ease to your daily job tasks. Planning your schedules helps a lot especially when you know what to do on the right time and at the right place. Some restrictions may be taken for consideration and one of this is keep away from drinking alcohol and liquors. You must also move fine and slower to protect the baby inside you from getting harmed by sudden accidents.
  4. Know your rights and the company’s policies.  Know what is your company maternity leave policies and details. You must know your benefits and your right while you are working while pregnant in the company. Get a copy of your maternity leave policies. Know if your maternity leave is paid, half-paid or unpaid. Know if you are allowed for disability insurance benefits. Know if your company processed your application for a maternity leave. You must also know if you are allowed to go back after the maternity leave and if not certain legalities must also be taken for your benefit. Know whether you may use your other present benefit days like the sick leave, personal leave, and vacation leave if in case your maternity has been extended. Know how much days are allowed for your maternity leave. And also you must review the whole company policy in case you are questioned by the company.


Keeping in track with your work while pregnant is very hard for a woman.  The pregnancy tips that we shared to you are just the basics for working pregnant women. You may make for yourself your own pregnancy tips to personalize your own working plans while pregnant.

There are also some do’s and don’ts you need to know if you are working while pregnant. These are certain pregnancy tips to keep you from doing the wrong thing while you are pregnant. To keep your productivity while being pregnant the following must be considered:

1. You must get easy with morning sickness. Morning sickness during pregnancy will hit you any time so you must be prepared and knowledgeable of what you will do.

-avoid foods and smells that triggers nausea, the unpleasant smells of the factory may cause your stomach to turn bad. Get away and do not try to get near to places with unpleasant smell and avoid eating foods that you do not like to eat.

-always eat snacks to keep you from nausea. Eating crackers may help a lot. While you eat, you help your body too; gathering energy for your body will make you active and able enough to endure all the fuss.

-take water therapy. Drinking a lot of fluids will keep your nausea from getting worse. Be sure to stack up your fridge with water to be ready to take a glass every time you need it.

2. You must cope up with fatigue. Being pregnant also means that you have added the weight of your baby to yourself, with that you are much prone to fatigue, plus the fact that you are gaining weight because you need a lot of food to help your baby in developing.

– always take rest after working. Use a part of your lunch break in taking naps. You need to rest yourself and relax yourself for if you stress and do your task much you may affect the baby.

-eat food rich in protein and iron. Fatigue may be a symptom of iron deficiency. Adjusting your diet may help you in solving it. Foods that are rich in iron and protein are meat, poultry, seafoods and green leafy vegetables.

– you must sleep early and longer. Resting helps your body to relieve stress. With much longer sleep hours you are helping your body after all the work you have done.

-do exercise routines for pregnant woman. Workouts may help a lot in increasing your energy. Walking around the office may also be done if you want to save much time. You may go on workout routines if your doctor approves you to do so.

3. You must make yourself comfortable even at work. Wear shoes that are comfortable, wear clothes that are breathable, adjust your office chair to support your back, and avoid twisting your body too much.

4. Take control of stress. You must know stress management in case you need it. You may plan and prioritize your task to save time and effort, share your problems with your officemates and co-workers, take time to relax yourself after work.

5.  Be precautious about your tasks. You must choose the place, the task, and the time you do your work to avoid certain risk for pregnant working women.

-exposure to excessive noise

-do not go overtime

-exposure to heavy vibrations from construction sites and construction equipments

-avoid stressful tasks

-exposure to too much cold and too much hot working environment

-prolonged standing

-exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances

6. Keep you health in check from time to time. Avail women health care preventive services for pregnant women to avoid having disorders while pregnant.

Pregnancy tips are made for you to be able to know your way out of the risks of being a working pregnant woman. You may experiment for yourself the best pregnancy plan that suits your condition, work, and environment.

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