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Preventing a Smoking Relapse

Preventing a Smoking Relapse

Quitting smoking is not so much of an easy task. It is a serious business. They say that the beginning is always the hardest. While that belief could be true, beginning to quit is actually just the first half of your battle. What is actually equally difficult or perhaps even harder is to prevent a relapse. Relapse means returning back to your old ways.

Even if you have already decided to stop smoking and actually succeeded in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, you would encounter temptations and urges every once in a while. And we all know that it takes a lot to resist them. Instead of succumbing to temptation and throwing away all your previous efforts to get rid of your bad habit, it would be best to resist them and continue living as a non-smoker. Here are some tips how.

First, contemplate why you quit in the first place. It is best if you have made a list of reasons why you want to quit before you began your journey on quitting smoking. Whenever you feel like lighting a cigarette, take a look at that list and remind yourself why you should never smoke again. It would be better to keep the list in something you always carry with you. Perhaps put a copy in your wallet or make a digital version of it in your phone. Remember that you would be letting go of all those things in the list once you give in to temptation.

Now, this is important. Watch out for rationalizations. Sooner or later after quitting, you will find yourself trying to reason out why you should go back to smoking. You may say that you need a stick to calm down. There are numerous of ways to calm down like taking a deep breath or taking a short walk. Never make smoking your option.

Also, anticipate that these temptations and urges would come. You cannot avoid them completely. You may have a friend who smokes. Avoid hanging out with that friend until you feel and you know that you are strong enough to resist smoking despite seeing your friend smoke.

It is also effective to reward yourself whenever you victoriously resist an urge or temptation. Take yourself shopping or treat yourself with a day at the spa or salon. Go to the movies or a concert. Or reward yourself with simple things like buying an ice cream. These positive reinforcements would motivate you to resist temptations and remind you how important it is do so.

Think positive. Always tell yourself that you are a non-smoker, that you benefit from not lighting up a cigarette, and that you would be successful in resisting temptations. Use your mind power to achieve your goals.

It is also extremely important to seek support from other people. Talk to your parents, siblings, friends, and your therapist. Join support groups. It is always easier to go through a battle when you know you are not alone. Call on a friend or someone you trust whenever temptation is creeping in. It will help more a lot more than you expect it to.

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