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Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Protecting our skin from pollution is very important for us not only because it serves as an asset for those who want to use their beauty in getting a job but also it serves as a shield for more critical diseases that may adhere deeper into the body if it is not prevented or neglected. Our skin showcases our external packages, it is considerably important to protect our skin from pollution that harms not only the skin but also the innermost parts of the body. Thus many women innovated ways to protect themselves from the harmful effects of pollution to maintain not only their beauty but also their health.

There are several ways to protect our skin from environmental pollution. And one way was to limit yourself in passing or going through polluted places like roadside cafeterias and many more. Smoke and other pollution is widespread in many city centrals, thus you must properly protect yourself through the use of several skin care products that help minimize and prevent the harmful effects of pollution in our skin. Nowadays, skin care experts revolutionize their products according to their customers’ lifestyle, some skin care products specialize in protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun and some serves as a shield from harmful dust particles that may damage our skin.

Another way was to eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. Fruits like berries and tomatoes and chocolates have many antioxidants stuck inside of them that are just waiting for a health conscious food lover to grab them up for a meal. Antioxidants are parts of the vitamins and minerals present in some foods. The most common types of antioxidants present in most foods that we eat are Vitamin A found in carrots, Vitamin C found in Citrus fruits and berries and Vitamin E which are in Nuts, Grains and Seeds, Beta Carotene, Selenium, and Lycopene which is found in tomatoes.

Also, you must keep yourself hydrated at all times through drinking essential fluids. Hydration keeps your body clean from harmful toxins and chemicals that entered our body. Drinking water keeps our body and skin properly hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps our body generate cell growth as well as it fuels up cell repair in our body, it also minimizes the dark circles under the eyes and keeps the skin elastic and smooth.

You must also keep your skin healthy and germ free through bathing. Cleansing the skin removes the dirt and dust particles that builds-up inside our pores. It also prevents infection in the skin that may cause pimples and acne build-up.

Lastly, use skin care products to further help you protect your skin form pollution. The skin naturally lose elasticity and moisture as we grow old, thus skin care products helps in reviving up and repairing old and damage cells. Food supplements that focus in skin care will help our body by providing nutrients which are not usually met by just eating nutritious foods. There are also herbal medicines that may help in reviving dead cells caused by aging.


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