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Pull the Plug

Pull the Plug

Yes, electronic gadgets are cool, trendy and are really making you live up to this oh-so modern society. They keep you updated with a single click. However, you may have spending too much time with your phone, laptop, and tablet that it has reached the point when too much time spent on your gadgets would be taking its toll on you. There are lots of drawbacks of too much time on the Internet and living in a cyber world. Here are the reasons why maybe you should start pulling the plug and get more into the real world.

Many people of today could not go a day without checking the phones. Actually, many could not go through thirty minutes without taking a look at their phone. This makes you lose time for yourself and rather waste that precious time on your gadget. You are lulled into the trap of inactivity and couch potato-ness. The human body was made for movement, not for idleness. Prolonged sitting could cause you posture problems and even serious diseases like diabetes, heart troubles, and hypertension. Take a break from being in front of the screen and go outside and inhale the fresh air.

If you start pulling the plug, you are opening yourself up for real, and actually better, relationships. Texting at dinner is not a proper etiquette. Instead, talking and sharing stories with your friends and family during dinner is a good way to boost your relationship with them. Also, friendship is not merely about constantly liking Facebook photos and status updates. Friendship is finding time to hang out with each other like playing a sport, going shopping, or having coffee. Friendship is actually being there. Leave your phone in your room and focus on your bonding time with people you care for.

Also, another good reason for getting away from your gadgets is to relieve pressure you put on your muscles. Prolonged computer use could cause eye strain, back pain, neck pain, and even unease in your arms and wrists.

It may sound ironic but keeping away from your gadgets, even and most especially the Internet-accessible ones, would help you be more productive. Though you could finish a lot of work with your electronics like word processing, researching and computations, you may still be tempted to update your status, post a tweet, or start scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard. You are really likely to be disrupted by something not related to the task at hand. Trust me. It is so hard to resist.

Also, keeping away from your gadgets may give you the good sleep you have always wanted. The brains bio signals and symphony of commands are disrupted by the light emitted by your phone and computer screens. It smothers the production of melatonin and may cause morning fatigue. Being deprived of proper sleep could be really serious as it could lead to high blood pressure, depression and heart problems. Turn off all you electronic gadgets at least thirty minutes before going to bed.

Pulling the plug may not that easy at first. But we promise you, it is more than worth it.

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