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Relatable Songs

Relatable Songs

There are moments in life when even the best of our friends cannot relate to us wholly and immensely. Sometimes, all we need is a movie, a book, a song. Let us traverse the list of the most common situations we could get ourselves in accidentally or intentionally, and find the perfect song that would be the soundtrack of our moments.

  • Liking someone who likes someone else

Song for the situation: Invisible by Taylor Swift

I bet most of us, if not really all, already experienced having feelings for someone who does not notice us and instead directs his affection to someone else. It hurts to love someone you know you could not have. Invisible tells how the one we love could be too blind to see that we are just here waiting for them to notice the love we unhesitatingly offer.

  • That YOLO moment (You Only Live Once)

Song for the situation: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry

We are given just one life and it would be a terrible mistake to waste it living in the safety and security of mediocrity and comfort zones. Last Friday Night tells of a fun, unexpected, and wild weekend night spent going on ridiculous and crazy ventures. Why not? We just live once. Better make the most out of it.

  • Having feelings for someone who you should not have feelings for

Song for the situation: Just So You Know by Jesse McCartney

There are times when we fall in love with people we’re not supposed to fall for. That’s the mystery of love- it’s out of our control, it just happens, it has so much power over us. Just So You Know recognizes that this love is something that should not be but it’s not something we could just get out of our system that easy. And in this love we were not supposed to feel, it is sometimes best to be honest with what we feel. No holds barred. Just tell the truth because even if it hurts and even if there’s a possibility of failure and rejection, at the end of the day, it never fails to set us free.

  • Achieving a lifelong dream

Song for the situation: The Time of My Life by David Cook

One of the greatest feelings in the world is finally holding at the palm of your hands the thing you’ve always wanted, something you worked hard for, hoped for, prayed for, got hurt for. With, in my opinion, the best American Idol winning song up to date, David Cook’s The Time of My Life best describes the moment when we could say that we already achieved the highest level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  • Spending your life loving and being loved back truly, deeply, and eagerly

Song for the situation: Through the Years by Kenny Rogers

The most rewarding thing that could ever happen in one’s life is to be able to find someone with whom we could share our incompleteness, our messed-up lives, and our forever. There is no better feeling than having someone stay come what may. And for those who have already found this kind of love, you are truly and greatly blessed.

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