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Removing those dark circles and puffy eyes

Removing those dark circles and puffy eyes

The eyes are the mirror to one’s soul. They are the most noticeable part of the face that often brings an impression. With dark circles and puffy eyes, that would be a big problem. So how do we get rid of it?

As the well-known cause of dark circles and puffy eyes, lack of sleep is brought about by different factors. High intake of caffeine and tobacco are some of the cause of lack of sleep. A hard or busy life brings forth difficulty in sleep not only affecting your eyes but your whole well-being. Fat loss beneath the eyes can also cause dark circles in the eyes as the skin tend to loosen with the loss of fat. Broken blood vessel is also a cause that appears underneath the eyes. Increase in melanin also known to hyperpigmentation due to too much exposure of eyes to direct sunlight.

The easiest and the most effective way to remove those circles and puffy eyes, is to get enough sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours at night. Taking sufficient time to sleep allows the body to repair broken skin cells. Sleep also restores the brightness and glow of your eyes.

Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine. As these prevent to achieve good sleep, it also causes dehydration in the body making skin dull.
The use of cold cucumber is still as effective as it is before.

Application of freshly chilled cucumber reduce dark circles even the puffiness. Also, the use of chilled, moist green tea bags as cold compress is promoted by the Florida dermatologist Andrea Cambio, MD.

Application of skin lighteners and bleaching agents would work as recommended by the California dermatologist Sonia Badreshia, MD. Creams with retinol, hydroquinone, kojic acid, green tea, vitamin C and Soy are good to reduce darkness of eyes. It is also suggested toavoid too much contact with direct sunlight or application of sunscreen with sun-protection factor (SPF) 30 and zinc is effective for skin lightening.

If the causes of dark circles are broken blood vessels and fat-loss, injectable fillers can be used. Laser treatment and vitamin K reduce the darkness of circles underneath the eyes.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to replenish water loss. Proper hydration can help in skin repair and remove negative effects of alcohol and caffeine. Reducing salt intake will prevent water –loss and skin damage.

An easier but temporary way to remove those dark circles is the use of a lighter shade of concealer. Concealer with SPF 15 will help lighten skin underneath eyes and protect it from sunlight.

There are individuals that are born with dark circles and puffy eyes. This comes normally as distinct in their gene. For such, we just have to accept the look of your eyes.

These tips may surely help remove those puffiness and dark circles in your eyes and develop your looks. But there is one great thing that you can do to bring that brightness to your eyes and a glow to your whole face, that is to SMILE. It’s the easiest to do. SMILE! 🙂

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