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Road to Better Mood

Road to Better Mood

Be a calmer, relieved and an overall happier person by doing the simplest things. For a better mood and an overall better life, follow these tips.

First, choose to be with happy people. Being around someone who is truly happy would potentially make you happy, too. Happiness is infectious. People who have positive dispositions are generally nicer to the people around them, and this makes those people a lot more pleasant, too. Soak in their good vibes and you would catch yourself projecting a bright smile in no time.

Also, breaking a sweat and moving that booty off would make you a more pleasant individual. These movements, little as they may seem, boost the blood flow all throughout the body and the brain. And thus, choosing to put those muscles into action could really hype you up.

And of course, to have a better mood, you must free yourself from stress. And good news, we have simple yet effective stress busters for you. Smell the zesty scent of a citrus fruit and you would feel relaxed in a blink of an eye. Citrus fruits contain linalool which is a compound known to lower stress levels.

To be a generally happy individual, keep away from your screens. Those people who spend fewer hours in front of the TV, the computer, or their phones tend to be the happier group of people. Why is this the case? This is because television, computer and mobile phone entertainment could really let you have fun but it only lasts for a short while. Worse, all the hours you spend in front of the screens could take away your time to do yoga or hit the gym.

Toning your muscles could also potentially make you a more pleasant individual. Go for workouts that target many and large muscle groups. You do not have to go to the gym to work those muscles. Simple squatting exercises at home would suffice.

Also, chill out, dear! For you natural energy drinks, go blend pomegranate, grape, or acai juice with crushed ice. Just so you know, fruits in juice form that are served cold are more efficiently absorbed by the body as compared to those at room temperature.

To feel better, say nice things to someone. Make someone feel better, too. When your friend does great in her chosen sport or in a marathon, do not simply congratulate her. Tell her that she was really amazing and that you are very proud to have her as your friend. When you respond to good news enthusiastically, you let yourself have a dose of the good vibes as well.

To have a sweet disposition, you do not need someone to give you flowers. Buy them for yourself. Flowers are sure to give you a better mood, no matter how good your mood already is. And the good thing is that it does not matter where the flowers come from. When we set eye on flowers, our brain conjure festive memories. To start the morning right, put a vase of your favorite flowers by your kitchen counter every morning.

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