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In taking good consideration of women’s health care, it is not all about health conditions, illnesses, medications, and therapies. We must remember that women’s wellness does not solely depend on the immunizations and vaccines she has taken, her knowledge on the many forms of diseases, their causes, and how to treat them, nor the different options and remedies readily available to her. Women’s health care also involves physical and mental wellness in a sense that it would be possible for her to find an escape from all the stressful distractions and troubles of her life. Luckily, we know how.

First, have a really nice, warm and long bath. Light scented candles to set the mood, shower the tub with rose petals, use the best soaps and body wash, turn on relaxing music, and most of all, take your time. A week or two of endless deadlines and workloads surely could break us apart not necessarily physically but surely mentally and emotionally. We do not need to go to spas and spend fortunes to feel well and relaxed. All we need is cozy little tub, warm water, a little creativity and resourcefulness, and a day off. Definitely, that nice and warm bath would refuel us to go through another stressful week or series of weeks.

Another rest and recreation idea would be to cancel all the night outs and the entire bar hopping schedules, and saying no to plans. There are times when cocktails, dancing in a bar and going out with friends could not actually make us feel relaxed and comfortable. Worse, it may wear us out even more. Take a break from the rest of the world and curl up under your blanket, grab a book or DVD, and have an R&R with your awesome self.

Taking a nature walk would also be a splendid R&R suggestion. Go outside, feel the warmth of the sun on your pale skin, breathe in the fresh air, and savor the wonders of nature. Take a stroll in the park, walk your dog, or sit under a tree and read a book or watch people passing by. The calmness we often look for is just in the beauty of nature.

Yes, trying to be creative is another great idea. Paint landscapes, take lots of photographs of picturesque scenes and amazing views, write a poem or an essay or even just a short paragraph or two. Color books exactly the way you did when you were younger, sing on the karaoke, or dance in the living room. Not only did you manage to find relaxation but you also produced a piece of art.

Lastly but surely never the least, spend time with people you care about. Call up your friends, your mom, or your siblings. Invite them over to your house or pay them a visit. Go have movie or TV series marathons, talk about anything and everything under the sun, eat out, bond. Being with the people that matter is always, always a good idea.


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