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Run Smarter

Running is one of the most common and actually effective forms of exercise. It is sure to keep your body especially your heart in good shape. If you cannot think of a good workout, starting with running is a great idea. However, we sometimes commit mistakes that could adversely affect us. Here are a few ways on how to be a smarter runner.

Do not run heels first. When you run, you must avoid hitting the pavement with your heels. You only do that when you take walks, not runs. Running while landing on your heels could cause you knee pains.

So where is it best to land? The answer is on your midsole. To land on your forefoot lets your muscles adjust and catch your entire body weight while you are in flight. This process reduces the impact on your joints and bones.

Also, do not try leaping forward while running. Using a long stride proves to be inefficient. Moreover, it drains your energy. What you should rather do is to stand tall and lean forward. When you feel like you are going to fall, step forward just enough to catch yourself. That is how long your stride should be. Remember that it takes way lesser energy to fall than to reach your foot in front of you.

So, short effective strides prove to be a must. Less motion through the joints meaning using and tearing them less. Also, short effective strides are more efficient than long ones. Lesser movements for your joints mean longer lasting and healthier joints.

Yes, it is a must to pick good shoes. But do not go for shoes that are more comfortable than they should be. The body works this way: if you do not use it, you will lose it. The arches on your foot are designed to support the framework of your foot. If you use a pair of shoes that finishes the job, your foot muscles would be losing their job so they would begin to fail eventually. This makes your foot weaker and more vulnerable to injuries.

Since we have discovered that less is more when it comes to shoes that support our feet, you may want to buy a pair of barefoot shoes. That kind of shoes offers minimal support. But do not ditch your sneakers in an instant. Shift to your barefoot shoes slowly. Strengthen your feet and you would feel the rest of your body getting stronger as well like your knees and lower back.

Also keep in mind that you are not in a race or contest. Do not run too fast or beyond what you could handle. Slow down to run farther and faster. Ironic, isn’t it? It is because being a more efficient runner requires a smarter training, not a harder one. Let your body adjust to a certain pace and after it does so, you would be able to run farther and faster without having to be too hard on yourself.

And as you work up to run farther and faster, it is recommended that you take interval trainings.

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