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Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!

Cheese- definitely a food to die for. This is meant in literal sense for Jerry’s case. But it is a really heavenly treat for most of us. Many foods and snacks would not be as amazing without cheese. Where would you dip your nachos? What would you put on top of your pizzas and spaghettis? What would go in between your breads and toasts? The good news is that cheese is not just some lovely treat. It also offers a variety of health benefits. Let us know more reasons why we should fall in love with cheese all over again.

Cheese contains a variety of vitamins. That, in itself, proves that cheese is one hell of a nutritious food. Cheese is rich with vitamin A, vitamin B12, and the minerals zinc and phosphorus.

Cheese is also a very good food for our overall bone health. Yes, one of the main reasons would be its milk content. Since cheese is made with milk, cheese is a good source of calcium. Moreover, we must also not forget to give credit to its vitamin B12. Its calcium and vitamin B12 helps develop and maintain strong and healthy bones, teeth and cartilages. This is especially important for growing children, pregnant women, and the elderly. The vitamin B12 helps the body absorb and distribute the calcium contained in cheese.

Since cheese is generally good for bones, it is also powerful against osteoporosis which is a bone disease most common among us, women. Osteoporosis arises from the inability to properly absorb calcium or the deficiency of calcium in the body. Because of such health condition, the density of the bones decreases making them more vulnerable to fracture and breakage.

Since the teeth are like bones except they are external parts, cheese is also good for them. Teeth rely on proper nutrition to maintain its strength and wellness. It is highly dependent on the calcium levels in the body to remain strong. Cheese gives it its calcium needs.

Cheese is also abundant in protein. Protein contains the essential amino acids to help the body function at its optimum. The protein contained in cheese is especially good for the muscles making them healthy and strong.

However, cheese is not all positive. Cheese also has negative effects along with its benefits. We ought to know what those are.

Cheese is high in fat content. Too much consumption of cheese could lead to undesirable weight gain. To prevent such, limit consumption to small quantities at a time. This is an important reminder most especially for people who are trying to cut the pounds.

Cheese is also rich in sodium. Its salt gives it its good taste. However, too much sodium in the body leads to high blood pressure, heart ailments, and kidney troubles. Again, it is best to limit consumption. On the other hand, one could purchase kinds of cheese that are low in sodium as indicated on the package.

Cheese is also difficult to digest. They are made from cow’s milk and many people have difficulty digesting such.

Cheese is very nutritious but we must eat it discreetly to avoid its adverse effects.

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