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Seeking a Keeper

Seeking a Keeper

This love month, what better thing could we discuss or talk about other than love? It is all around, present in multitudes of forms and faces. But what we all look for, hope for and pray for is a love so true and so deep that it will be something we will hold on to, live for, and keep in our hearts for the rest of our days. Now, how do we know if he is “the one”? This article is not capable of putting boundaries and setting parameters to the truly majestic and mysterious world of love; no article is or will ever be. But quite a few things to help us tell if the one we are into right now is someone we should keep forever.

1.       He sees who you truly are- even your faults and deepest darkest secrets. And you know what? He does not just accept the whole you, he embraces it.

You can tell if this person truly, deeply loves you if he loves you not “because of” but “in spite of”.  He knows how loud you snore when you sleep, how you burp during eating, how you always have the messiest closet, and how very moody you can get, and he still thinks you are the best and most wonderful person in the world and he would never want you any other way.

2.       He tells the truth, no matter how awful it is.

If he really loves you, he will be honest with you no matter what. He will tell you when he does not like doing something you want him to do or when he thinks you do not look that good in a dress you are dying to wear. He will not give you compliments he does not mean, nor just ignore something awful you did just because he does not want to get into a fight or hurt your feelings. Truthfulness will always be a critical factor of any relationship. He tells you the truth because it will always be of benefit to you, and more importantly, because you deserve it. A guy who really loves you knows that.

3.       He gets along pretty well with your family and friends. If not, he tries to.

Someone who loves you extends his love to the people you love. He knows how important they are to you and how they are a huge part of your life. However, there are not really nice situations when your family or friends do not go along well with him. But if he still tries to construct a good relationship with them, he’s a sure a keeper.

4.       He respects you- your decisions, your choices, and even your independence.

It will be perfectly okay for him if you do not want to see The Great Gatsby with him at the theater because you are going to the see the film not just to enjoy but to appreciate its beauty and you can do it best when you are alone. He respects your job even if you have to leave early at your dinner date because of some sort of emergency at the office. He respects your “me time”. He knows that while you are two hearts joined as one, you are still two different persons with a life of your own.

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