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Setting Your Friend Up on a Date

Setting Your Friend Up on a Date

Sometimes, we meet a guy and we think, “OMG. You would be perfect for my friend!” Yes, we do love playing Cupid at times because we would love to see our most beloved friend with heart-shaped eyes and being happily in love. However, shooting that arrow of love is not so much of an easy task. Before taking flight and shooting those romantic arrows, be sure you know what you are doing.

First, be sure to match your friend A with another friend who has the same interests. While it could be true, cute and utterly romantic that “opposites attract”, logic would tell you otherwise. Be kind enough to introduce your friend to someone who has at least one interest that matches perfectly with that of your friend’s. At the end, whether the date works out or not, your friend would thank you for giving them something to talk about.

Also, be sensitive to your friend’s needs and wants. First, is she ready to date? Is she open to this idea of going out with someone she never met and being potentially that person’s girlfriend? Next, is she looking for someone to settle down with or just to have some fun? Is she just from a bad relationship?

Research. Research. Research. Make a background check on this guy you are setting up your friend with. Know his family background, his network, and his affiliations. What if your friend and this guy are cousins on the third degree? You would not want some awkward moments for your friend.

It is also a must that you never ever set up a friend with any of your exes, cousins, or siblings. You just don’t.

Also, be creative. Blind and group dates are not your only options. There are lots of other ways to fire Cupid’s arrows. Also, do not cross out online dating sites too fast. Who knows? It might be where your friend would find her true love. Remember the saying, “Love is like the wild flowers. It is often found in the unlikeliest places.”

Also, inform your friend on everything she needs to know. Remember that she said yes to a date with a complete stranger because she trusts you. Do not take that for granted. Aside from age, educational background, and nature of work, she also needs to know if this guy is divorced, a single father, just came from a bad relationship, or is recovering from physical abuse. Your friend ought to know.

And once you have fixed everything up, let them be and let them go. They are two adults and they know how to find their way through the mazes of love. Let them find out for themselves if there would be a second date.

Being a good friend means that you are willing to help your friend find the love of her life. But being a better friend means that you are willing to go the distance to make sure that the date your friend would be having would not be something she would be suffering from.

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