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Shoes 101

Shoes 101

Shoes play an extremely vital part in fashion. The best dress and the most gorgeous makeup would never work without the right pair of shoes. Women should acquaint themselves really well when it comes to everything regarding shoes. Here is a good jumpstart for your shoe knowledge.

The two most basic categories shoes fall under are heels and flats. Heeled shoes are the kind that generally raises the heel of the wearer higher than the toes. There are varying heel heights. Some fashion experts even have this notion that the higher the heels, the more fashionable it is. Yes, heels are there mainly for aesthetic purposes. They add to the wearer’s height, give her a better posture and make the overall look a lot more stylistic and sophisticated. On the other hand, flats are the kind of shoes wherein the wearer’s toes are in level with their heels. Flats can also be really fashionable depending on the style. Not only does it look good on casual looks, it also brings comfort.

Perhaps, men classify shoes only as heels or flats. They may even see shoes as rubber shoes or sneakers, and not rubber shoes or sneakers. But for us, ladies, we should be familiar with the many other kinds of shoes and when to wear those best.

One of the most popular shoe picks among women is a pair of pumps. In its simplest form, a pump is a heeled shoe with closed backs and fronts that are cut low to the point that they are really near the toes. They can be adorned with straps or be peep toes, round toes, pointy toes, almond toes or square toes.

Stilettos are heeled shoes whose heels are really long and thin. Just like the pumps, they can also be adorned with varying embellishments.

Wedges are shoes whose heels have no space from the part under the toes until the heels. They are really trendy and fashionable especially during these days.

Sandals are shoes that cover only a little portion of the foot, often only the toes with a strap supporting the part of the foot above the heels. There are various subcategories for sandals but one of the most popular nowadays is gladiator sandals which are inspired from the footwear worn by gladiators in Ancient Rome.

Mules are shoes covering the entire front part of the foot while leaving the back part bare.

Boots are shoes that cover the entire foot all the way to the top. They can even be as high as the knee. They also come in many different styles and designs.

Mary Janes is another category of shoes with straps going across the middle part of the foot. They can also be in flats or heels.

Espadrilles are Spanish-originated shoes that are usually made of woven material and they have flexible soles made from either rope or grass. They are very casual and comfortable.

Women should also own at least a pair of sneakers not only as sporting apparel but also as a casual wear.

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