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Show that Close-up Confidence

Show that Close-up Confidence

One of the ultimate “turn-off’’, despite that good looks, sexy figure, and even with that big heart is bad breathe. That’s just it, you have to communicate and you can’t do it through letters, phone calls, internet conversation forever. There will always come a time that you have to speak with a person face to face. While it was said that it is better to inhale in the nose, exhaling is better done at the mouth. There goes the release of gas that can either make or break you, the fresh breath or the bad breath.

Bad breath or halitosis has been one of the reason for loosing self-esteem and confidence among individuals. How can you say to a person that he or she has bad breathe? And how will you accept the fact that you have bad breathe? Who can blame someone being irritated with a bad breathe? Better to look up unto these details to help you out.

  • Dirty teeth are always accounted for bad breath. There was a scientist during the 17th century who said that “there are more animals living in the scum on the man’s teeth, that there are men in a whole kingdom.” Though this is relative and never proven to be true as population is not constant, teeth can certainly collect odor producing debris. It’s been said that 1/3 of adults in US have untreated tooth decay. Solution: brush your teeth properly and frequently. Proper brushing as suggested by dentist should be done in opposite the position of the teeth. Bottom teeth should be brushed upward and downward for the upper teeth. Make sure to brush the front and back side of the teeth.  To ensure that the brush would reach up to the end teeth, place the pointer finger at the base of the brush and focus brushing the teeth at the end of the gums. Frequent brushing would mean at least twice a day or more as necessary.
  • Brush your tongue, as tongue is more important to be clean if you want that fresh breathe. Mohammed even encouraged his followers to do this. Brush tongue with soft brush and as of today, tongue cleaners are made available for better cleaning.
  • Decay tends to settle in between the teeth settling at the gums. This can cause infection and sensitive teeth and gums and thus, causing bad breathe. Again, brushing thoroughly with soft brush is necessary and practicing regular flossing would help.
  • Saliva is needed to flush out bacteria from the mouth. When you’re hungry, the production of saliva in your mouth decreases leading to bad breath. Stress can also make your mouth dry and increase the acidity of the stomach causing bad odors to your mouth. Chewing gums and lozenges can help in the production of saliva. Eating light snacks in between meals like vegetable and fruits will help.
  • Chewing tobacco and overuse of mouthwashes can irritate oral tissues and thus, causing bad breathe. A simple rinse of water with a few drops of peppermint oil can help avoid or cure oral irritation.
  • Lastly, it is always better consulting a dentist. While you may be experiencing different dental problems, dentists are always willing to help. They will help you determine the status of your oral parts and prevent further damages to occur in particular to those with sensitive teeth and gums. So to give you that close-up confidence take care and maintain that bright smile and fresh breathe.

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