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Simple Ways to Stick With Exercise

Simple Ways to Stick With Exercise

Once you have decided to get involved in a physically challenging activity or set of activities for whatever reason be it to have a fit body, to keep away from diseases, or even to look good naked, the next thing you should take care of, aside from actually being physically active, is to keep yourself motivated to continue on with your exercise and never ever give it up. To keep you motivated, here are some easy and simple ways we are sure you could manage to do. Never give up the active life, girl!

First, never make a fool of yourself, and if there is someone you should be completely, and even brutally, honest with, it is with yourself. Take time to find out and realize how you work best. Do you do great when you are in a team? Or are you at your best when you go solo? Are you less likely to get bored or weary of physical activities when you wake up or before you sleep? Do you work better with music? Would you rather join a class or work with just yourself? Use the information you would be gathering for your own benefit, efficiency and convenience.

Of course, remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Every great thing must have started from something little. Do not do too much too soon. The tendency is that you may overwork your body during your first exercise, make it aching and sore, and then you would give your exercise up because you would be thinking that it does you no good. Do not push yourself too hard. You may start with ten or fifteen minutes of activity for a day. Then level it up the next time. Not only this method would help you and your body adjust to your exercise. It would also keep your motivation fired up as you achieve your little goals. A little of something is often better than nothing at all.

Also, establish goals that would excite you or fire your soul up. Give yourself something to look forward to. Remember to keep your goals specific, realistic, and sustainable. Also, imagine yourself achieving that goal. Think what you would look like or how it would feel as you achieve it. It is best to write your goals down. Writing it down make you more committed to fulfilling it. Write them over and over and post them on something you could take a look at everyday. Also write down why you should be achieving that specific goal. If that is not a good motivation for you, I do not know what is.

And of course, keep track of your progress. Of course, many things are beyond your control. But when you exercise and how you do it is within your power. If your exercise plan is not working out really well or if it is not working out at all, you better revise your plan.

Remember to reward yourself even with just a tap on the back whenever you really do something and forgive yourself for failing occasionally.


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