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Simply Smile

It is always said after the count of 1- 2- 3- SMILE! And there goes the flash of your camera and your picture ready for saving that moment you want to treasure for life. Ever wondered why you smile? Have you ever asked yourself what smiling brings to you that whenever you are happy, you actually do it? Is it really necessary to smile? Yes, and there are many reasons why.

Smiling is good for the body. Every time you frown, 43 facial muscles get exhausted while; it only requires 17 muscles to smile. Smiling helps regulate blood pressure levels. Giving in into a laugh will even exercise your abs, diaphragm, shoulder and heart. According to some research, it also increase calorie burn by 20%. So how good can you get?

Smiling makes you look and feel beautiful. A recent lab report showed 69% of those asked said that women look younger and more attractive when they smile rather than applying make-up.

Smiling prolongs life span. Research at the University of Illinois said that people who generally feel happy and smile often have longer life expectancy of nearly a decade. Simply saying to live long is to live happily.

Smiling releases endorphins to the body and increase serotonin level. Wether heartfelt or just a simple act of turning your mouth up can release endorphins, the feel good hormone. Serotonin on the other hand is a natural stress reducing chemical. It keeps the stress level down.

Smiling fights cold. Smiling makes the body produce greater quantities of anti-bodies and T-cells or white blood cells which boost your immune system.

One of the things that separate us from animals is our ability to smile. It is one of the things that makes us human. It is a natural mechanism that is automatically on us since birth. Studies showed that new borne babies crack their first smile as early as two hours after delivery.

It was studied that women smiles more often than man. Women, on the average smile at approximately 62 times a day while men only smile an average of 8 times a day. Maybe that is one of the reasons why women tend to have longer life span than men. However, it was observed that under the same work, the difference decreases. it can be accounted that there smiling can be affected by the atmosphere at work place.

There are different types or forms of smiles. According to Pau Ekman, a scientist from the University of California, San Francisco there are 19 different ways to smile depending on the social situation and emotions. These smiles can be divided into two general categories: the heartfelt and artificial. Sincere smile cause corners of the eyes to scrunch up while insincere ones don’t.

Lastly, smiling is contagious. Experiment in Sweden reported that people find it difficult to frown after seeing a person smiling. They tend to move their mouth up voluntarily without even noticing it. Smiling spreads easily. You just have to start smiling to make the whole world smile at you. So, smile at the world; it’s good for you and for all.

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