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Singing to a Better You

Singing to a Better You

Not all of us are able to sing beautifully and perfectly but each of us is able or has experience singing through different ways. May it  would be belting inside the shower room, having a duet with your husband, singing lullabies to your baby, singing in chorale, or simply singing while alone in the middle of the night, singing have simply made its way as one of the most important things in our life that singing will never live to leave our everyday activities. Some say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it is true but do you know that singing daily while doing random activities can also help you prevent certain diseases or can boost the bodies systems. Singing gives so many benefits in our body in its own unique way. And even though its benefits are not that noticeable, giving it an approach may just change your life big time. Here are some of the benefits that singing can give us.

Physically, singing can help us improve our breathing, as it helps exercise the lungs and the diaphragm. Also it clears the airways like the sinuses and the respiratory tubes making breathing easier than the usual when you’ve not sing the whole day. It helps in treating sleeping disorders; studies show that sleeping can help prevent snoring and interrupted sleeping. It can also improve mental health, and singing also serves as an aid to regain the sense of balance among patients with Parkinson’s disease. Singing can also improve the blood circulation by improving our body’s aerobic capacity through decreasing the muscle tension among related organs.

Singing can also help boost our social orientation and communicative capacities. Singing can help you understand more people; it also gives you the edge to communicate in a unique and better way to your love ones. It can also introduce you to a wider community of music and art enthusiast. It can also boost your confidence to communicate and talk with people. It also helps you communicate in a more understandable manner as singing can teach you how to convey messages effectively.

Singing can also reduce the effects of stress and emotional problems in our overall health. It can boost your positivity as it help in the production of stress relieving endorphins. It can also boost ones confidence and self-esteem. It helps you control your mood and aids in relieving the mental and physical stress that the body had experienced.  Also it enables you to think on a wider persona, and gives you the ability to understand and empathize with other people. It can also help in healing the hurts that you have experienced as it can help you release your stress in a more pleasant and more artistic manner. And last but not the least; it helps you understand your wellbeing as a person.

Even though some are not given the blessing to sing beautifully, still the essence of singing is not lost within their hearts, as long as you can express yourself in it, and you strive for the better of your life through singing, you can still give it your best shot. Just remember that everything that we do can be stress relieving and healthy as long as we enjoy it.

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