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Sip Soup

Sip Soup

Weight loss is not entirely about getting less but rather is about eating smartly.  Whenever you could hear the cries of your poor tummy, you must not shrug it off. Get away from the unwanted calories without having to play Hunger Games with these hearty and healthy soup recipes.

  • Black Bean Soup

First, sauté a chopped onion, a tablespoon of cumin, and four minced garlic cloves in two tablespoons olive oil. After that, add in three and a half cups of low-sodium chicken broth, three chopped tomatoes, a fifteen-ounce can of black beans, and a 1.4-ounce can of diced green chilli peppers. Bring this to a boil. Cover it. Let it simmer for about five minutes. After five minutes, add in a tablespoon of snipped fresh cilantro. Garnish your soup with crushed tortilla chips.


  • Pumpkin Soup

Sauté two slices of chopped bacon and a chopped onion. Then, drain the fat. Add in a 29-ounce can of pumpkin, three and a half cups of low-sodium chicken broth, a cup of applesauce, and two teaspoons of ground ginger. After that, add salt and pepper to taste. Bring it to a boil. Letit simmer. Then add a half cup of light sour cream.


  • Tofu Noodle Soup

Mix a pound of cut up light extra-firm tofu, a tablespoon of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil. Set it aside. Then, mix three and a half cups of low-sodium vegetable broth, a 10.5-ounce can of condensed vegetarian vegetable soup, a ten-ounce package of frozen chopped broccolis, and two ounces of dried udon noodles. Bring this to a boil. Let it simmer while covered for five minutes. Add the tofu mixture and heat through.


  • Shrimp Egg Drop Soup

First, sauté a cup of sliced mushroom in a tablespoon of canola oil. Then, add three and a half cups of low-sodium chicken broth, a quarter cup of rice vinegar, two tablespoons of soy sauce, a teaspoon each of sugar and grated ginger. Let it simmer for two minutes. Then, add twelve ounces of peeled raw shrimp and a quarter cup each of peas and shredded carrots. In a small bowl, mix a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of cold water. Add the mixture into the pot. Beat in an egg. Let it simmer until cooked.


  • Mushroom Soup

For your classic mushroom goodness, you must first sauté one thinly sliced red onion and a pound of sliced fresh mushrooms in three tablespoons of butter. Then, add three and a half cups of low-sodium beef broth, three cups of water, and two envelopes of onion-mushroom soup mix. Bring it to a boil. Next, let it simmer for five minutes. Add two tablespoons of dry sherry.


  • Chunky White Bean Soup

You must first sauté twelve ounces of lean ground turkey breast and a chopped onion in a tablespoon of olive oil. Drain the fat. After which, add two fifteen-ounce cans of great northern beans, a sixteen-ounce jar of green salsa, one and three-fourths cups of low-sodium chicken broth, and one and a half teaspoons of cumin. Let it simmer while covered for fifteen minutes.

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