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Small Choices for Greater Health

Small Choices for Greater Health

We all know that we should start going for salads instead of burgers, skip the elevator and hit the stairs, and grab a fruit instead of a chocolate bar. We all know the healthy choices. Yet, we sometimes think and tend to ditch these little healthy choices because we assume that they make no serious impact on our overall health and wellness. But dear, you are so wrong. These seemingly insignificant and little acts are the ones that could make you fit into your old pants, cut the pounds, and keep away from the doctor. And what’s even better to know is that these little acts need not to take much of your time.

Eat greens to live longer. Have your veggie-filled salad for lunch and you are saving yourself from potentially dying due to a chronic disease. Heart ailment? Diabetes? Cancer? Be free from those life-threatening illnesses and stay healthy by choosing to eat the healthier meal. As much as sixty three percent are due to heart diseases, diabetes, and the many forms of cancer, and by eating greens, you are significantly removing yourself from the death toll.  We are not saying that you gain absolute immunity from these diseases. What we are saying is that you are cutting the chance of acquiring them. At the end of the day, prevention is always better than cure. And it is always better safe than sorry.

Making time for meditations also create a big difference when it comes to health care. Even just thirty minutes of meditation for seven days a week significantly reduces the chances of having anxiety disorders and depression. Moreover, it helps maintain the blood pressure. Meditate without fail for eight straight weeks and you would feel the difference. You would realize what a happier and more compassionate individual you have become. The most common type is called mindful meditation which involves putting focus on breathing and awareness. According to a Chinese research, mindful meditation could produce positive and lasting changes in the part of the brain that deals with emotions. If everybody meditates, maybe the world would be a really better place to live in.

Taking an aspirin whenever you experience headache is also a good idea. If you do such thing, you are not only relieving yourself from the painful headache surges but also cutting your risk of acquiring skin cancer. According to a study, taking a painkiller regularly could reduce the risk of melanoma by as much as twenty one percent.

Also, do not skip your coffee every morning. Even just three milligrams of caffeine everyday could help boost your information processing skills. For days of many workloads and tons of quizzes and projects, be sure to drop by your favorite coffee shop. Who could have thought that drinking coffee as you wake up could really perk up your day? As in perk up your day big time.

So yes, ditch the elevator and use the stairs. You could drop as much as twelve pounds every year just by choosing to use the stairs. Losing weight has advantages way beyond fitting into your old pair of jeans. Weight loss also means lower blood pressure, reduced bad cholesterol levels, and decreased internal inflammation.

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