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Smile for Being Happy and Healthy

Smile for Being Happy and Healthy

In terms women’s health care, having pearly white and utterly clean teeth does not only cut your dental costs, make you shine bright and look beautiful, but most importantly contributes to a better health. Here are some of the main reasons why you should brush your teeth at least twice a day.

  • For a healthy heart and brain as well

There are certain studies that show that inflammation and bacteria present in the mouth have their way of getting into the bloodstream thus thickening the artery and boosting up the risk of having a heart attack. If they do not break your heart (aw!), they would then be plaques that build up inside the vessels that could possibly blow off and find its way into your brain. Ta-da, you have a stroke! You do not care, huh? Another study shows that people who brush their teeth less frequently have like seventy percent more risk of having a heart attack. If you love your heart, you better start loving your teeth as well.

  • To not have diabetes

People who have higher levels of periodontal disease have twice the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes. Yes, that is according to a study. One theory proposes that oral infections may cause low-grade inflammations, and inflammations may cause inefficiency in processing sugar levels in the blood. Moreover, it has been well known to doctors that people who have Type 2 Diabetes have increased occurrence of periodontal disease.

  • For a hassle-free, well-functioning pair of lungs

According to a research, people with respiratory diseases like pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and upper respiratory infection have poorer periodontal health than those who do have healthy lungs. The underlying cause for this may be the fact that bacteria due to periodontal disease which forms in the upper throat could be inhaled into the lower respiratory tract and cause problems in breathing or be developed into serious respiratory problems.

  • For cancer-free breasts

As researchers are discovering the link of oral and dental health to the many other aspects of physical health, they have found out that women who are missing a tooth or teeth or have gum problems are eleven times more prone to breast cancer. More research is required to establish truths but this lights the spark of connecting dental health with the occurrence of one of the deadliest diseases among women.

  • To avoid pregnancy dilemmas

About half of pregnant women are more likely to develop gingivitis which is a condition that leaves that gums inflamed, swollen, bleeding, or tender. It could turn to a periodontal disease that may cause serious predicaments in the delivery room. Though more researches and studies are needed to establish facts, experts have believed that poor dental health may be one of the key factors for premature delivery, low-birth rate, and preeclampsia. Before planning to get pregnant or being pregnant, having healthy teeth and gums should be on the top of your list. It is always better safe than sorry.

It does not hurt to brush your teeth often. Have that charming smile, fresh breath, and fantastic health.

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