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S’mores Cuppy Cakes

S’mores Cuppy Cakes

Always wanting to relive those childhood moments when you and your family or friends would gather around the campfire and sign the campfire song? Of course, your camping adventure would never be complete without your s’mores. Let these delicious cupcakes transport you to the awesome memories of childhood.

For one sweet cuppy cake that brings back the child in you, all you need is the passion for these delectable sweet pieces and an amazing recipe. Once you already have the former, we would take care of the latter.

Prepare one and a half cups of all-purpose flour, one and one-third cups of graham flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, one and a half teaspoons of salt, one and a half teaspoons of ground cinnamon, one and quarter cups (or two and a half sticks) of unsalted butter at room temperature, two cups of packed light-brown sugar, a quarter cup of honey, six large eggs, two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract, and marshmallow frosting. This would be good for twenty four servings, for twenty four people you love.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Put paper liners on muffin tins. Whisk together both flours, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon. Using an electric mixer set at medium to high speed, cream butter, brown sugar, and honey until the mixture turns pale and fluffy. Set back to medium speed and beat in the eggs and vanilla, scraping down sides of the bowl if needed. Add the flour mixture and mix until ingredients are combined. Divide batter among cups, filling each about three-fourths full. Bake until golden brown and a cake tester comes out with only a few moist crumbs attached, turning tins halfway through. This would take about twenty five minutes. Transfer tins to wire rack to cool for ten minutes. Turn out cupcakes to rack and let cool completely. Cupcakes could be stored in airtight containers for a day at room temperature and for a month if frozen. To finish them off, spoon two teaspoons of chocolate glaze onto each cupcake. Fill a pastry bag fitted with a large plain tip with frosting. Pipe frosting onto each cupcake, swirling tip and releasing as you pull to form a peak. Hold a kitchen torch three to four inches from the surface and wave it back and forth until frosting is lightly browned all over. Serve right away.

For the frosting, prepare an envelope of unflavored gelatin, one-third cup and another quarter cup of water, and a cup of sugar. In a mixing bowl, sprinkle gelatin over the one-third cup of water. Allow gelatine to soften for about five minutes. Heat the remaining water and sugar in a saucepan over medium to high heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Stop stirring and clip a candy thermometer at the side of the pan. Boil the syrup until temperature reaches the soft-ball  stage (238 degrees Fahrenheit), brushing down the sides of the pan with a wet pastry brush to prevent formation of sugar crystals. Remove from heat. Add syrup to the softened gelatin. Whisk mixture by hand to cool for about one minute. Use electric mixer at medium to high speed to whisk until soft and glossy but not dry peaks form. This would take about eight to ten minutes. Use the frosting immediately because it would soon harden.


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