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Social Media for Weight Loss

Social Media for Weight Loss

Yes, getting too hooked with social media and spending way too much time in front of the computer could make you gain weight. However, the social media could also be a powerful tool to help you in your weight loss journey. Want to know how?

First, you could go searching for fitness bloggers. Set up a Tumblr account and follow people who are having blogs regarding their fitness routines and activities. Tumblr is not only a mere blogging site. It is also really social. You could interact with the people you follow by sending them asks and you could also interact with people who are trying to lose weight just like you. Twitter is pretty much the same. It is just that with Twitter, you do not have to spend about five minutes reading an article. Twitter feature microblogging which means you could get really helpful one-liner fitness tips. Social media and the Internet in general are great tools for feeding your mind with the knowledge you would need.

Social media gives you the opportunity to interact with people who are in the same journey as you or who have succeeded in their weight loss efforts wherever they are in the world. Share gym stories with a newfound friend from France or ask a vegetarian from Thailand on how to make really delicious vegetable-based meals for your diet. Not only does this give you connection to people who may help you. Engaging in social media also helps you feel that you are not alone in this journey.

Also, tweeting or posting your current fitness status or experiences on social networking sites may help you get and remain motivated. It keeps a record of how well you are doing in your endeavors and it shows you a timeline of your progress. It does not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning piece. Just pour your heart out. After all, it is your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Not only could you write articles or even short sentences. You could also post pictures and videos of your workout, diet and many other efforts to lose weight and be fit. Doing so may also help you track your progress, and better, they may help encourage people who are also on their journey especially those who are having a hard time. Get motivation from your friends wherever they are as long as they see a status update or a newly uploaded photo.

However, be reminded that you are not living online. Do not be so hooked that you are only doing your efforts to please people online. Run every morning, eat healthy meals, and hit the gym for your own wellbeing and not to impress anybody. Also, do not forget to connect with real-life people. Interact with those who are physically present. While social media could be a great help in your weight loss journey, nothing beats helping hands and shoulders to lean on that are actually right beside you. At the end of the day, your success or failure is up to you.


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