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Songs about Women Empowerment

Songs about Women Empowerment

Girls are often seen as the weaker, more submissive, inferior gender. But that is not true. We are equally capable, tough, and powerful. And in days of enlightenment when the society starts and continues to realize the strength and might women possess, we have some very good songs to complement our moments of power and freedom from biases and false connotations regarding the capabilities of women.

Music has that some kind of insurmountable power to inspire, motivate and move people. And in our struggle to give women the power and strength to stand up for themselves and realize that we are much more than what we think we are, one of the best weapons we possess is the power of music.

  • Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

It is about the strength of a woman to do and accomplish everything, and go on through life even without a man to hold her and take care of her. She is so strong and capable that even if she had every chance to just fly away from everything, she keeps on fighting because she knows she can. She is a burning flame, a consuming fire that could devour every hardship and obstacle that comes her way.

  • Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

This is a song about finding the beauty one possesses inside of her. We do not and never would need to impress anyone with our looks or what we do just to feel that we are beautiful because we are, in fact, beautiful with or without someone telling us so.

  • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

It is about being left behind by a former love but instead of losing all hope and giving up, realizing that we do not need a man to be truly happy. All the troubles the faulty relationship brought us did not serve as anchors that pulled us down but rather stepping stones to a tougher, wiser, and stronger woman inside of us.

  • Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Born This Way is not merely a song to celebrate the diverse beauties of women, but actually of everyone. It is an uplifting and liberating anthem that makes us realize that we are all beautiful just in the way we are. We do not need to change ourselves in accordance with the standards of the society just to be accepted as beautiful. All we have to do is just be our own awesome selves. Often, what we think that sets us apart are actually the things that make us great.

  • Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia

It is about building a protective covering for yourself psychologically that nobody can ever bring down. Whatever anyone says or does to you, it would not hurt you because you have already prepared yourself for such battles.

  • I Am Woman by Jordin Sparks

It is a song that celebrates being a woman. It may have been superficial and simply repetitive, but it actually tattoos on our mind how glorious and awesome it is to be a woman.

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