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Starting With Yoga

Starting With Yoga

We all know how yoga is a great exercise. It does not only tone and fix the body. It also eases the mind and the spirit. It is a really good choice to boost our energy and to provide us with relief from all the stresses we encounter everyday. But if you do not where to start, we would show you the way. May we present really easy and effective yoga poses for beginners like you. Have fun doing yoga!

The first on the list is the warrior pose. To do this, step your foot forward and bend the knee of the leg with the forwarded foot. Turn your back ninety degrees. Stretch your arms in your front and in your back. One goes to the back and the other goes in front. As you do this, remember to keep the palms down and your face must be straight forward.

Another yoga pose for beginners is the triangle pose. Straighten the front leg and bend at the hips. Reach one hand to the shin and raise the other to the sky. Turn your head to look at the raised hand. Repeat to the other side.

You may also try doing the tree pose. This pose aligns with yoga’s objective to keep you happy, calm, and confident. This pose creates balance both physically and mentally so it is a pose you must not miss. To do this, the starting position would involve both your feet planted on the ground. Then, raise one slowly and rest it on the calf or thigh of the remaining unmoved leg. The starting position of your arms is in prayer position. Then slowly raise both arms up straight above your shoulders. You must also sway as trees do. But do not worry because you would get stronger as you practice. Repeat and utilize the other leg.

To ease your aching back from shouldering heavy things, the cat pose is for you. Kneel on the floor and place both palms on the floor with your head also facing the floor. You would appear like a four-legged animal where your arms and thighs serve as the legs. Do this with a flat back. Breathe in and breathe out. Curl your back up high making you look like a hissing cat except that your head is hanging down. Do this for many repeated times.

If there is cat pose, there would also be a dog pose. This pose would stretch the legs, tone the arms, and make you flexible. Start like how you started with the cat pose. Move your hands a little bit forward with your fingers spread apart. Curl your toes and lift your knees off the floor making you create a shape of an upside down letter V. Remember to keep your feet a hip distance apart.

To tone your abs, do the plank pose. Get into a push up position. Remember to keep your arms a shoulder distance apart and to keep your legs straight. Do not allow the tummy to sag down. Keep the muscles in your thighs, abs, and butt tight as you hold this position for thirty seconds.

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