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Stay Healthy Even With a Sweet Tooth

Stay Healthy Even With a Sweet Tooth

Everyone loves to eat sweets, but not everyone is allowed or able to do so. Maybe some have the desire to eat what their sweet tooth is craving for, but their age, their health status, or their lifestyle is stopping them to do what they want. And when their craving could be helped, they go violate their own restrictions and submit to the will of their taste buds, eating what is not allowed to be eaten, and satisfying their sweet tooth but worsening their condition. But do you know that there are substitute to sweets that have less sugar and fat content than the usual dessert that you crave for. And these sweets substitute are widely distributed in the market so you don’t need to do much effort in looking for these stuffs.

Go healthy and natural with Fruits. Fruits are Gods greatest sweets. While being able to satisfy our craving for sweets, it was also able to give us much more benefits which in turn makes our body healthy and fit as well. There are citrus fruits, berries, melons, and non-citrus fruits which are allowed for diabetic patients. Blueberries, for example, are great in maintaining a healthy heart, even though it has low carbohydrate content. Also blueberries were known as a super fruit for it has a lot of antioxidants which is helpful in maintaining your heart healthy.

Try munching nuts. Eating nuts is a very healthy way in spending your spare time than go chewing candies and other sweets. Also nuts give you the upper hand in your body. It is mind boosting and energy providing food which will power-up your performance throughout the day. Also nuts have a high content of plant-based fat which is essential in preventing heart diseases and lowers blood cholesterol levels as well.

Drink naturally made fruit juices.  Fruits have natural sweeteners contained in it, and also fruit juices are more convenient to carry with yourself than eating the fruit while on your way to work. Fruit juices have several benefits depending on the fruit you have extracted to produce the juice. Aside from that, you can combine different fruit juices with other flavours, as well as include other artificial flavourings to make your own unique version of the juice you want to drink.

Make your own granola bars. Though granola bars have been popular for it was commonly nutritious, some businessmen use this as a gimmick. Some granola bars contains unhealthy flavourings like chocolate and sometimes they mix granola bars with candies as a disguise to attract health conscious consumers. Therefore granola bars were now not that effective as a substitute to candies. The other option was for you to make your own granola bars form grains, nuts, oats, seeds and dried fruits.

Aside from the choices that I have included, there are so many options that you can discover yourself to satisfy your craving for sweets. But take note, cause even though these sweets substitutes really help a lot in easing up your sweet cravings, it still have sugar and carbohydrates so better take control in your diet and always keep an eye on what you eat.

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