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Stem cells’ MAGIC

Stem cells’ MAGIC

There are unspecialized cells that can become any type of cells in the body. Stem cells, as they are called differ from each other as to where they are located. They can be found in all parts of the body such as the muscles, brain, eyes, and others. Different studies discovered different potential treatment acquired by using the stem cell therapy. Brain damage, cancer, spinal cord injury, heart damage, blood cell formation (Hematopoiesis), baldness, missing teeth, deafness, blindness and vision impairment, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, graft versus host disease, neural and behavioral birth defects, and diabetes. Continuous research and testing are currently done to further verify the effectiveness of the said theraphy.

One discovery made was the ability to regenerate old stem cells by placing a young stem cell along with it. The idea was that the young mice muscle stem cells be combined with older mice’s to create an increase in its life span. In this study, genetically engineered mice specimen was used and modified to have human’s condition progeria, a human syndrome which children age quickly and eventually die young. The life of the fast-aging mice will last only for 21 days after birth as compared to its normal life span of 2 years.

It was the stem cell expert, Johnny Huard of the McGowan institute for Regenerative Medicine who reported the result of his initial studies. He related the procedure of his experiment where a “tired“ stem cell, cells that don’t divide quickly were about to die were injected with a stem cell from that of a young healthy mice.

The result was that the mice lived in an average of 71 days which was 50 more days than to what was expected. Relating it to human life is like an 80 years old human living to be reaching 200 years of age. At the same time, observation showed that the mice injected with the young stem cell not only lived longer but became healthier.

Another experiment was made to determine how actually the stem cell works. Two procedures were made. The first was putting a genetic marker on the stem cell to monitor its movement inside the body and to prove if the young stem cell has the ability to repair the tissues. Unfortunately the result showed otherwise. There was no action made that signify repairing of tissue. The other idea was stem cells excrete a certain form of anti-aging substance that regenerates the cells. The answer was confirmed by putting young stem cells inside a specialized membrane to check its effect. And the answer was a YES.

As to what anti-aging substance it secretes is still for further research to explore. Be noted that these are just preliminary test that would require further testing and research to fully confirm its effectivity and any side effects that it may bring. The result is not general for all types of stem cells, the study has only used a particular muscle stem cell in this study.

Stem cells therapy is just one of the new medicinal discoveries. Using stem cells to reverse the effects of chemotherapy by regenerating damaged cells is one great discovery that can be very helpful in the near future. If the study was proven to be true, there might come a time that people will tend to remove their stem cells while they are young and returning it back at the age of 50-55. Still, results are not instant, it’s not aging 55 and instantly looking and feeling 25 again. The ultimate goal is to simply delay aging and thus, delaying Alzheimer’s disease and different cardiovascular problems.

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