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Sticking to Weight Loss

Sticking to Weight Loss

f course, life is not perfect, and much more so are we far from perfect. Mistakes, setbacks, missed deadlines, forgotten paraphernalia, unavoidable circumstances- they are all a part of life and a part of us. But when they happen, does it mean that we skip our weight loss efforts and waste the day? Absolutely not. In case any mishap occurs, you better make the most out of it.

What if you forget to pack in your sports bra? Oops. Well, you could still do some workouts with your regular bra. If you have not-so-big boobies, like when you have an A cup, you could still run on the treadmill. Hooray! If you have B, you could still do some walking. If you have larger, wow congratulations on that, you could still boost your cardio with a stationary bike. Also, there are workout classes that would work whatever you are wearing. Try yoga or Pilates. You may also modify your circuit trainings for the not-so-lucky day. You may also go for alternatives like doing squats or lunges instead of jumping jacks. You could still work out your cardio without having to use large muscle groups. And yes, you could still lift the weights.

If you enjoyed the happy hours last night, then you better wake up early today and do your workouts early in the morning. It would be that easy and it could certainly be pretty but you would start feeling good as soon as you start to break a sweat. You would be sweating out acetaldehyde which is the by-product of alcohol thus dealing with your hangover. But if you really cannot do it, it is best to stay in bed. Sleep would do your great. But, just so you know, prevention is better than cure. Skip the drinking session if you could.

Now, if you should be travelling light and there is no more room for a pair of sneakers, fear not. You could still stick to your fitness routine. Being away from the comforts of your home does not mean being away from your workout. There are too many ways to break a sweat barefoot in your hotel room. You may do yoga poses that could strengthen your muscles. Or you may just dance your heart out. Put on your earphones and shake your booty. Do this for at least ten minutes and feel oh-so great. You may also bring along a DVD about a workout that does not require too much space and does not require shoes like kickboxing.

And if your fun and late-night weekends mess up your Monday mornings, here’s the deal. Consistency is the key. Practice waking up the same time whether it is a working day or a free day. Skip checking your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites you belong to. The brightness of screens before hitting the hay could hinder you from getting sleepy. Also, be aware that your body and mind requires about sixty minutes of your time to relax and shift from active mode to sleep mode. Spend the first one third by finishing all your tasks, the next by cleaning yourself up, and the last by meditating or relaxing.

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