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Strange Shoes

Strange Shoes

Fashion, like almost anything in the world, is dynamic. It continues to grow and develop. There are just times when the pursuit of development results to unlikely results or products that blows our minds. In terms of adorning our adorable little feet with the best footwear possible, here are some of the most eccentric ideas that surprisingly entered people’s minds.

  • Gadget Shoes

As the name itself implies, it is a pair of footwear with an electronic gadget attached to the heels. Isn’t that weird? Imagine having a gameboy embedded on the heels so that if you ever get bored, all you need to do is to bow down a little, reach t side of the heel and get that gameboy. What were they thinking?

  • Okobo

It is a pair of Japanese sandals that was mainly used by geishas and maikos who are like apprentice geishas. These women always walk the streets in their kimonos so wearing okobo helps them prevent having mud on their traditional Japanese dresses. It is about five and a half inches tall wood that serves as the sole. A novice maiko would wear red okobo while the one nearing being a geisha would wear yellow.

  • Leggings Shoes

Yes, you are right. These are shoes that also serve as pants or, as said, leggings. It is like two separate items in one. Convenient? Fashionable? Easy to wear? No. Crazy? Yes.

  • Car Shoes

These are shoes with car or vehicle-inspired designs. What are they trying to make us look like? Transformers? It is just plain crazy.

  • Two-Heeled Shoes

Two-heeled shoes are shoes with heels at the back where they are supposed to be placed, yes to support the heels, and unfortunately, regrettably, depressingly at the front part to support the toes.

  • Human Foot Shoes

It is like wearing feet to protect your feet. I mean, what is this? Some kind of violent and bloodthirsty fashion statement like wearing the ears of your enemies around your neck which was done by tribes some time ago? Please, no one can even bear the sight of it.

  • Flipper High Heels

Who would bother adding heels to their flippers when swimming in the ocean? Or who would bother wearing flippers when strutting on land? Like, seriously?

  • Plant Wedge

This is what happens when being obsessed with natural stuff goes too far. Convenient and comfortable for rainy weather? Maybe. Stylish? Definitely no.

  • High Heels For Men

There came a time when elegant shoes and stockings were popular among men. It was in the 1700s. Fashion drew attention on the lower body, and men were arguably as keen to detail like women. Men wanted to emphasize their well-formed legs and adorn the feet and legs with embellishments. King Louis XIV ran to high heels for such fashion statement. And whatever the king does, everybody does as well.

  • Heelless Shoes

Today, heelless shoes are not really that weird or eccentric anymore. Though they appear to be odd and looks uncomfortable, they actually aren’t. Designers say that it’s just like wearing typical shoes. But medical experts argue that  they may cause serious and permanent damage on the feet and knees when worn very frequently.

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