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Stress is one thing which I can say all human being experience. The stress is actually felt in all stages of life from being inside the womb in which the stress of the mother also brings stress to the baby due to some reactions that happen inside the body. By the time the baby is released to the womb and exposed to world, it is already stressed as the change of environment brought it. Crying is a perfect sign in which a person is stress in all stages of life. You cannot actually declares you have never been stressed in your whole life because admit it or not; stress is a part of life.

What makes it different is how individual deals with their stress. Stress can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally some might also include spiritually but I’m not talking about faith here so I’ll just focus on the three. We may be similarly called as humans but each of us are unique and far different from one another. Our attitude, way of life, way of thinking even our looks are just some factors that makes us human distinct and with that, we also have our own unique way of dealing with our own stresses since it is also different from one person to another.

We can be of the same thinking for one thing; it would be better if we can manage our stress well. Who among you wouldn’t want to take over the stress of their life? While some may be successful, some are actually taken in control or overpowered by their stress which brought about sickness, insecurities, weaknesses, emotional breakdown, or worse death which can also be intentional as it is called suicide. This should never be the case. As we are created humans, each of us is given the ability to conquer and overcome our stress. “How” is what we really have to figure out.

The first part is accepting that whatever it is that is bothering you is already a stress; something which just need to be overcome and something not to overpower you. You have the ability to overcome any challenges in your life. Challenges not only include tasks to do but also facing failure and mistakes as a person which is actually more stressful. It is very difficult to admit fault especially if you are so proud of yourself. You may fail as you go through but believe that it is part of how life can make you a better person. It may also help you if you identify in which aspect of your life a particular stress is affecting you. With that, you can work on strengthening that aspect to overcome stress. Eating properly, getting enough rest, exercise, relaxation are just some of the methods that can clear up your mind and change your mood towards the better. Fighting stress with stress is normally a “no-good”. It can only make things worse and increase your stress level. What you have to do is relax, inhale deeply and allow your mind to think clearly on what you are facing. Lastly, believe in yourself that you can do it and overcome your stress. Believing in oneself is the best way to reduce stress levels. You may not be able to do it now, but you’ll surpass it later on. Think Positive. That is how you should see life.


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