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Supplements Against Dirty Air

Supplements Against Dirty Air

Air pollution has been giving out many harmful effects not only in our environment but to our health as well. If you are not aware of it yet, I’m telling it to you now. The dirty air has been studied to be one of the sources of increasing our risk for cardiovascular problems particularly heart attack, stroke, and even behavioral problems among children who were born to mothers with high exposure to polluted air. It can also bring damage to the skin, and eyes in which harming our respiratory system is not only the issue. Unfortunately, polluted air is everywhere. We cannot just simply avoid air pollution to prevent having these problems for a very practical reason that we just can’t. At the same time, we cannot just simply force companies to close by causing air pollution because we also live by them. What are we to do then? Scientist was able to figure out a way to at least contradict the effect of air pollution in our body; that is through supplements.

It is not just any supplement available in the market, but the one called omega-3 fish oils. It may seem unusual but it was proven that indeed omega-3 fish oils can fight damage caused by dirty air. The study was made as the individuals took 3 grams of fish oil per day for 4 weeks and was exposed to pollution. Results were compared among another group who instead of fish oils took olive oil. Blood samples were acquired and was determined that despite exposure to pollution, the people who took fish oils have lower heart rate variability which is a common indication of cardiovascular disorder as compared to those who took olive oils. You may just get more confused if I tell it in detail but to make things short, fish oil was able to prevent damage normally brought by dirty air. If it was not so, we can say that omega-3 fish oil can strengthen our system to fight and prevent damage brought about by the harmful chemicals in our environment. So what could actually go wrong by taking this supplement for one’s health care?

Just be careful on the supplements you bought. Better to check with your doctor for the correct brand of supplement you are to take and of the right dosage since supplements may have different level of omega-3 fish oil in them. Similarly, make sure that the medicine you buy are safe since the supplement are fish oil, some could have contaminants such as mercury and PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyl). Better to check the label and buy those of high-quality (not necessarily high-priced).  Eating healthy foods, avoid smoking and inhaling cigarette smoke, exercise regularly to reduce weight and stress level are just the common advice we receive from our doctors or different health care providers to take care of our heart or our cardiovascular system. Now, we may start considering taking up this supplement: omega-3 fish oil in our diet to keep ourselves immune from the side effects of dirty air.


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