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Taking Care of Your Breasts

Taking Care of Your Breasts

In woman’s health care, every part of the body must be taken very good care of. For women, the breasts are a substantial part. Not only is it one of the indicators of womanhood, it is also our natural tool for taking care of our offspring. Healthy breasts lead to a happier and more satisfying life. And here are the ways how.

First, having healthy weight helps in maintaining healthy breasts. Being overweight increases the risk of having breast cancer according to health experts. Not only maintaining a healthy weight is a good strategy to fight of breast cancer but also multitudes of other diseases as well.

Second, sweat it off. Visit the gym at least once a week, go for a run or a bike ride or a swim or even a walk, and engage in a sport or any sort of physical activity. If it is possible, and I am pretty sure there is always a way to find time, exercise for at least forty five minutes to an hour every week. Regular exercise is sure to boost the immune system to fight off diseases, ward off obesity, and lower the levels of insulin and estrogen. Like maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active does not only combat the risk of acquiring breast cancer but also lots of other health problems.

Third, cut on the alcohol. According to studies, two alcoholic drinks a day could increase the risk of acquiring breast cancer to as much as twenty one percent. Instead of going for that bottle of wine, why not reach for fresh grapes instead? Grape skins have this component called resveratrol that could possibly reduce estrogen levels and thus reduce breast cancer risk.

Fourth, eat more veggies. Having a low-fat diet could reduce your risk considerably. But for more enhanced protection against breast cancer, opt for cruciferous veggies like broccoli and kale. These veggies have sulforaphane which is believed to limit or stop the multiplication of cancer cells. For more efficient protection, eat them raw.

Fifth, be well acquainted with your family history. Having a family member be diagnosed with breast cancer instantly increases your risk by at least fifteen percent. If that family member is first-degree like your mom or sister, then your risk doubles. If you have two first-degree family members diagnosed, the risk is five times greater.

Sixth, have yourself checked. Every woman must have a clinical breast exam every three years and annual exams and mammograms by the time a woman reaches forty years of age. If the woman has a family member diagnosed with breast cancer, she should begin having breast exams ten years earlier than the age of the family member who got diagnosed. Also, opt for health center with digital mammography to help you and your doctor see the images more clearly. A woman with an increased risk may also ask for an MRI or sonogram in addition to mammogram.

Lastly but never the least, also put genetic testing into your considerations. Breast cancer may connected to a genetic mutation especially when it strikes her at a young age and if her family history involves both breast and ovarian cancer.

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