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Taking Care of Your Heart

Taking Care of Your Heart

While it could be true that adding life to our years should be our main focus instead of adding years to our life, it is still best to be able to enjoy life to the fullest as long as we can. Doing simple habits that we could easily infuse into our everyday lifestyle is not so much to ask especially if a longer life is what you get in return. To add years to your life, one of the many things you should put serious concern to would be your heart. Here are some ways to keep that heart of yours beating.

Spicing up your meal does not only make a happy eater but also a happy heart. Scrumptious flavour-boosters like jalapenos and hot sauce could offer so much more than liven up you meals. Their flavor is brought to us by a really powerful anti-inflammatory compound that could help prevent life-threatening blood clots in our arteries. Also, they have the ability to break down fats in the blood even before they start to build up and clog the arteries. They also have the power to relax the arteries thus cutting the risk of dangerous blood pressure shoot ups.

You must also start adding pecans among your daily snacks. They are loaded with monosaturated fatty acids that strengthen and nourish the artery walls. Thus, they help prevent plaque build-up. If you are not so much into pecans, you could still go for the nut of your choice or simply your natural peanut butter.

Fruits must always be a part of your everyday eating. Of course, fruits are way too rich in so many vitamins and minerals that keep the heart healthy, not inflamed, and clog-free.  And this time, you better give a little bit more attention to kiwi. They are very good especially for people suffering from blood pressure shoot ups. They also contain lutein which helps artery walls remain relaxed. No matter how stressed you are, your blood pressure will remain manageable.

Also begin taking fish oil supplements. A fish’s oil is abundant in omega-3 which is a very good nutrient for the heart. They lessen the liver’s production of triglycerides which are a kind of fats that clog the arteries. They make the blood less sticky and thus prevent dangerous blockages in the arteries. Omega-3 is also found to cut the risk of arrhythmias or sudden heart failure. However, it is still best to consult with your doctor about taking supplements.

Aside from feeding on nutritious and heart-healthy meals, it is also good for the heart if you interact with people you like. Hang out with your friends. Invite them over to dinner. Message them on Facebook. Give them a call. Drink coffee with them. Go on a movie date. Having people to lean on to and depend on is a sure way to keep your blood pressure low even during your toughest times. Spending a few minutes every day to check on your friends, to take a walk with them in the park, or just to have a little chat with them during your break could do so much in making you a person with a pleasant disposition.

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