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Tampons Vs. Sanitary Pads

Tampons Vs. Sanitary Pads

If there’s one thing that could truly separate women from men, it’s the monthly rush of the Red Sea

from the inside of our bodies to the outside world. What’s always been a challenge for the female race is
to keep that drop of blood from staining our clothes and revealing itself unto the world. In the course of
time, people have tried to provide various ways and devices to solve our monthly dilemma. And today,
we came up with two of the most commonly used ones. The question is which outlasts, withstands, and
conquers the other-the tampon or the sanitary pad?

On the red corner, we have the sanitary pad. It’s more common than a tampon. It is made of an
absorbent material placed on the underwear. Many girls prefer pads over tampons since it’s easier to
use and it’s also easier to monitor if it’s already soaked with blood or not. They are designed for varying
needs like light or heavy flows.

On the blue corner, we have the tampon. It’s not as classic as the pad but it has gained a fair amount
of popularity especially among the ladies in the Western half of the world. Tampons, unlike pads, work
from the inside of the vagina. It is a cylindrical piece made of absorbent material. But how do you insert
it? Some can be inserted using the fingers and some have applicators usually made of cardboard or
plastic tubes. Like pads, there are tampons designed for light and heavy flows. One major difference
ofa tampon from a pad is that you can no longer see it once inserted. You have to remember when you
inserted it to have an idea if it’s already full or not. Tampons are efficient for active girls who do a lot of
sports especially swimming.

Some prefer pads because of ease of use, whereas some pick tampons especially when they do sports.
Some switch between the two. What’s actually the better choice depends a lot on the one who uses it.
It’s a matter of choice.

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