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Tea Trivia

Tea Trivia

Healthier than coffee as what more people would say, tea has maintain its standard as a healthy drink over the years. It is a drink originated from China but the one called India tea is taken by more people all over the world. there are so many facts that you may want to think about and will make you realize that your cup of tea cannot be “just a cup of tea” but something of more meaning after all.

Whether which it may actually came from or whatever they may call it, the tea you are drinking can only come from one particular plant; Camellia sinensis. Green, black, white or oolong basically come from that plant. Nowadays, they are trying to acquire drinks from leaves of other plants but you cannot actually call it tea because tea is actually the plant itself and the one you used for drinking are extracts from dried “tea leaves”.

Tea are now sold in different markets all over the world in tea bags which is like a cloth back were tea leaves are contained and when submerged into hot water, allows release of extracts from the dried tea leaves.  These tea bags were already invented in America as early as 1800s to hold teas from India which is now used in 96% of all cup of tea around the world.

Have you ever heard of Astrotea? In Asia, some people would tend to use tea leaves in fortune telling or future predictions. They are respected in the same way how astrologers would often be respected. They simply use ground tea leaves into water and by some I may not know skill, they are able to read the future.

Not all tea leaves have to be ground for drinking. Loose teas are for connoisseurs. According to them, the best way to taste tea is by using it whole and not broken down as in what is used now in tea bags. It will release its original flavor when used as a whole. If you have tea plant around, perhaps you can try if it is actually true.

Oolong tea is also known as the dragon tea in China. When created, tea leaves releases some reddish effect forming like a dragon with a fruity aroma.

Tea is found to contain lower amount of caffeine as compared to coffee which is around 50% lower as compared to coffee. What tea actually has is Theanine, an antioxidant which is equal to what caffeine can do for you.

Aside from being used as a drink, tea can be used in different purposes. Tea leaves can actually keep mosquitoes away. All you have to do is damp the leaves to release the tea scent and mosquitoes will fly away being irritated by the smell at the same time the scent it release provide a relaxing effect at your house.

Tea is effective in removing bad odors which is very efficient on foot bath and can heal shaving such as in underarms. It can also be used when marinating meat to add flavor. Some used it as fertilizers for roses and also for cleaning floors.

As you drink your tea, may this allows you to discover the wonders that a particular drink can do; than being just a drink. You will be able to enjoy your tea even more. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your tea.


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