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Teenage Pregnancy in Films

Teenage Pregnancy in Films

Due to the generally promiscuous and impulsive behaviour of teens, they often get involved in troubles and problems like being fathers and mothers at a very young age. Teenage pregnancy is one of the many major problems of the society which the government tries to attend to and this happens all over the world. The problem is that they are forced to bring up a child when they themselves need nourishment and guidance.

Instead of tackling all the legalities and technicalities of teenage pregnancy and the solutions the teens themselves and their parents could run to in such cases, let us just look at two films that involves the teenage pregnancy matter and witness how our two young and strong heroines faced their own problems.

  • Juno

“A comedy about growing up… and the bumps along the way.”

Because of a one-night stand with her friend and admirer Bleeker, high school student and at the time sixteen years of age Juno unexpectedly gets pregnant. She considered having abortion at first, but then changes her mind and plans on carrying on with her pregnancy and giving birth to her unplanned child. She leafs through the pages of a newspaper and finds an advertisement from a couple who wants to adopt a child. They meet Juno, sign the necessary papers, and seal the deal.

Diablo Cody’s superb screenplay writing skills gave rise to this rare jewel in the filmmaking industry and managed to bring home the Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay last 2008. His hard work was never put to waste, thanks to the top notch direction of Jason Reitman and brilliant performances from our lead Ellen Page and her powerhouse supporting cast Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, and J.K. Simmons.

Juno tackles the usual teenage pregnancy dilemma of typical sexually active teens with a bang. This also appears to be pro-life as Juno chooses to be pregnant for nine months and giving birth instead of just having an abortion and pretend like nothing happened. Juno does not only deal with the teenage pregnancy itself but how strong and brave a teenage girl could possibly as she handles her own problems. This romantic comedy definitely is a must-see.

  • Precious

“Life is hard. Life is short. Life is painful. Life is rich. Life is….Precious.”

Very unlike Juno though both involving teenage pregnancy, Precious is about  an overweight, abused and illiterate teenage girl who was pregnant with her second child at the age of sixteen. She tries to head to a new direction and fix her life but the path to her redemption is not at all easy.

This heavy drama that deals with big issues like abuse and illiteracy surely pierced hearts. Gabourey Sidibe’s excellent performance along with Mo’Nique unsurprisingly earned them seats in The Academy Awards 2010 where Mo’Nique even bagged her Oscar. The superb screenplay adapted from the novel by Sapphire also bagged its own Oscar.

Precious is not only about the hard life of having children while struggling with your own life being without really having someone to be there for you and just beginning to learn how to write your own name. It also pushes us to never give up on life and always try to succeed despite all the troubles that come our way just like how Precious fought her own demons.


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