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Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

This is for all women to know. You may no longer be a teenage now, but you may have a sister, a friend, sister of a friend that may be under this stage. You may have experienced it, or your mother , or your elder sister or any women out there you might encounter. Teenage pregnancy has been increasinlgy occuring worldwide that actually occupies the biggest rate of unwanted pregnancy. As for the moment, I haven’t met  women who have undergone teenage pregancy that actually say that it was planned and they really want to have the child at that very young age.

As the term itself, it is a pregnancy that occur before the age of twenty. Girls starts to become fertile when they undergone their first menstrual flow that normally occur as they reach the age of 12-13. Some may experience it earlier or later but normally start at teenage years. Girls at this stage are what we say, very sensitive, emotional and at the stage where in they are just starting to discover the changes as they reach womanhood. They fell in love as they say, and if not guided, can lead to unsafe sex causing teenage pregnancy. Some are also a result of sexual abuse which is a very severe cause of unwanted pregnancy as girls are maltreated sexually by men. Whatever would have lead a teenaged girl to be pregnant is just a start of the trials she have to overcome as she carry the baby in her womb.

Psychological issues is one of the major concern for teenage pregnancy. Girls at this age suffer  from denial, narcissism, guilt and lowering of self-esteem. Every girl having teenage pregancy really needs help as they are still dependent, weak and young. But to find help is to ask for help. Girl getting pregnanr are scared and tend to deny the current situation and hide it to everyone and tries to handle it alone. From there different problems arose that are not good for the teenage mother. Acceptance is the best way to face teenage pregnancy. Mistakes have already shown its effect so there is no time to find fault but to face the reality. From there, you can start gathering all the help you can get.

It is not really easy as some end up leaving their family for some guilt reason, or some are being thrown away by friends. If worse comes to worst such that no one may want to help out, the government is here to give you assistance. Some who just can’t live with it end up aborting the baby. I am a strong advocate of life that a child has every right to be borne. So never give up your child.  You may not want them at first, but after surpassing the challenge, you see yourself a strong woman that you never thought you could be.  With a child at your side, you may not want anything more in this world.

Education is the key to prevent teenage pregnancy. The world is becoming so liberated that knowing the facts n how you actually get pregnant is a must to know to be able to prevent it from happening. Women should fight the right of every woman to decide when they want to get pregnant. As for men, they two should respect every woman in the world because one of the reason for their existence is a woman who made them live in this world, their mother.

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